Domingo, one of the three tenors, was suspected of sexual harassment and several performances were cancelled.

 Domingo, one of the three tenors, was suspected of sexual harassment and several performances were cancelled.

The Associated Press said reporters interviewed more than 30 other musicians, vocal music teachers and behind-the-scenes staff who said they had witnessed the reported implied actions of Domingo in different cities over the past 30 years. In response, Domingo came forward to defend his innocence, issued a statement to CNN and other media, saying: The allegations of these anonymous people can be traced back to more than 30 years ago, which is deeply disturbing and inaccurate. However, the Los Angeles Opera, where Domingo has been director since 2003, issued a statement saying that the hospital would invite outside lawyers to investigate the allegations.

The Philadelphia Orchestra Association has withdrawn its invitation to Domingo to appear on the opening night of September 18, following allegations of sexual assault. San Francisco Opera also cancelled his performance on October 6. The Metropolitan Opera in New York said it would wait until the results of the Los Angeles Opera survey were released before making a final decision on Domingos final future. However, Helga Rabl-Stadler, head of the Salzburg Festival in Austria, said that Domingo would be on the stage as scheduled, making final decisions at this juncture and making decisions based on it is not correct in my view on a human-based basis.

Spanish-born Domingo, one of the most famous opera stars in the 20th century, has performed with Jose Carreras and the late Luciano Pavarotti in the worlds three tenors, AFP and Reuters reported. Domingo has produced more than 100 albums and won 14 Grammy Awards. Earlier this year, he also celebrated the 4000th performance of his 60-year stage career.

Since the rise of MeToo anti-sexual aggression movement, hundreds of women have publicly accused several high-ranking men in the business, political, media, sports and entertainment circles since October 2017. Bill Cosby, the TV icon, has been jailed and Harvey Weinstein, a former gold medal producer in the film industry, will be tried next month.

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