Champions League Superstition: 11 penalty shootouts! Twenty players from both sides were still tied when they finished, and again

 Champions League Superstition: 11 penalty shootouts! Twenty players from both sides were still tied when they finished, and again

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Red Star Belgrade 11 round penalty shoot-out 7-6 Copenhagen (Source: Netease Sports)

Malin assisted Suning Veteran General Boakiye to take the lead

In the 17th minute, the Red Star team in the away combat is mainly anti-passenger. German midfielder Marin left-wing pick, Jiangsu Ningjiu Boyakiye in the small forbidden zone to a splitting shovel. The close-range shovel caught the home goalkeeper off guard. Copenhagen equalised the score before the end of the first half and Endoye headed home from close range after receiving a cross from the left.

Copenhagen 1-1

In the 54th minute, the Red Star team suffered a heavy blow and Milunovic was sent off with a direct red card. Red Star turned to full defense and dragged the game into overtime. In the 112th minute, Copenhagen player Pierre also left the field red, with only 10 players left on both sides. The two teams drew 1-1 in 120 minutes, scored 2-2 in two rounds, and entered penalty shoot-out.

Marlin, who took the lead in the game, kicked the ball on the crossbar, which seemed to indicate that the penalty shoot-out rate would not be very high. In the first five rounds, both sides lost two penalties. In the sixth and seventh rounds, the first Red Star players kicked the ball away, but none of the Copenhagen players scored. In the 8th and 9th rounds, both players scored. In the 10th round, both goalkeepers also scored penalties.

As one player in both teams received a red card, there were only 10 players left on both sides. After 20 people all played penalty kicks, the two sides were still unbeatable, and the two teams could only let the players who had already kicked the penalty kick play again. In the 11th round, Pankov took the lead in scoring for the Red Star team, while Winds penalty was saved by the Red Star goalkeeper, and Copenhagen was disappointed. Wind should be named Wind, his penalty kick was saved, the teams promotion hopes really faded with the wind.

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Source: Netease Sports Author: Zhang Lins Responsible Editor: Liu Dang_NS4812