Insider Ting Yang Fangxu: She hasnt heard of that medicine and has no reason to inject it.

 Insider Ting Yang Fangxu: She hasnt heard of that medicine and has no reason to inject it.

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Former woman volleyball player Yang Fangxu once won the Olympic championship with Rio, who was involved in banned drugs.

Chinese Womens Volleyball Team 27 years ago involved in the banned drug Yang Fangxus drug need to be injected.

Unlike previous doping incidents, exogenous erythropoietin can help athletes improve their competitive status, and EPO can only be injected, which means that there is basically no possibility of misunderstanding among those who are found to be EPO positive.

In addition, KN struggling also said: The reason for sending this micro-blog is that I dont want to see her grieving back pot. As you know, there is no reason and no need to inject that thing. Its really somewhat baffling, and its hard to fully investigate whats going on. We dont have any direction, we just want to express that she didnt mean to do it. I hope she can get out of the shadows brought by this event as soon as possible. I hope this kind of thing will not happen again. I hope that the Chinese womens volleyball team will be better and better.

The netizens who pay close attention to Yang Fangxu did not reveal their true identities, but in response, it seems that they have a good relationship with Yang Fangxu. But for this netizen to support Yang Fangxu, that Yang Fangxu is innocent, some netizens expressed their belief that Yang Fangxu did not intentionally take medicine, Qing people clean themselves, justice will never be late. Some netizens do not agree with the explanation of KN struggle, Then this stimulant was injected from space by aliens?

Yang Fangxu announced his retirement through social networking in June this year, I will take your blessings, turn around and smile, and start again by myself. As an Olympic champion, Yang Fangxu is waiting for retirement arrangements. The suspension should not affect Yang Fangxus work arrangements.

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