Look at the top 10 bull stocks of A shares this year: 1 share has surged 332percent P/E ratio of 1400 times

 Look at the top 10 bull stocks of A shares this year: 1 share has surged 332percent P/E ratio of 1400 times

It is worth noting that 3 of the ten big bull stocks since this year are logically consistent, including Zheng bang technology, new five Fung shares and Minhe shares, all of which belong to the stock beneficiary of the pig cycle. Among them, Zhengbang Science and Technology rose by 237%, Xinwufeng by 228% and Minhe shares by 199%.

At the beginning of the year, some people can imagine that there will be a big market for the concept stocks of pigs, and may be among the ten largest cattle stocks. But for the rest of the current top 10 bull stocks, most stocks, perhaps no one can imagine, will become top 10 bull stocks. Because, relative to the logic of the above cattle stocks benefiting from the pig cycle, the other ten stocks in the Bull Stock boom logic seems not so full.

At present, the first bull stock is the eye-catching drug. It has 10 consecutive trading boards every year. The latest dynamic P/E ratio is 1400 times, and the dynamic P/E ratio calculated by the median net profit forecast in the semi-annual report is close to 900 times. Public information shows that the core logic of the unit is the concept of eye drops. At present, only the company has officially declared the clinical application of low-concentration atropine (0.01%) for myopia treatment to the State Drug Administration, and has obtained clinical approval.

The other six bull stocks, Jinyun Laser, Jinyi Technologies, Jimin Pharmaceutical, Kelan Software, Nanhua Instruments and Zhongshan Shares, are also much the same. For example, Jinyun Laser, net profit rose 50% in the first half, stock price rose 268%, dynamic P/E ratio exceeded 180 times, and there is no hot concept. Jimin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has hit a record high this year, with its share price rising by 249% and its P/E ratio exceeding 300 times, without touching on popular concepts. Kelan software, Zhanbian block chain domestic software and other concepts, net profit loss in the first quarter and the first half of the year. The dynamic P/E ratio of China Submarine is more than 800 times, and there is no particularly popular concept.

Dragon and Tiger List Tracking Capital favors these stocks most

45 stocks stable short-term average cash fork

At present, 45 A-share 5-day averages are actively put on the 10-day averages. The 5-day averages of Ph.D. glasses, electroacoustics and Desai batteries are the most distant from the 10-day averages, reaching 2.03%, 2.03% and 1.69% respectively.

It is worth noting that Shenzhen Airport, China Grain Sugar Industry, Biological Shares and other major shares of the net inflow of capital before, respectively, reached 114 million yuan, 151 million yuan, 0.46 billion yuan.

Jiangsu Shentong and other stocks stagflation

According to the latest data, there are 24 A-shares in the two cities. Among them, Shentong, Jinzijiu and Dadonghai A-shares have the largest 5-day volume ratio, reaching 3.14, 2.76 and 2.15, respectively.

It is worth noting that among the 24 stocks with stagnant volume, the main capital inflows of Changchuan Science and Technology, Beacon Fire Electronics, Liuyao Stock, Chunguang Science and Technology, Yonggui Electrical Appliances and other stocks are relatively large.

41 stocks rose for more than five consecutive days

Judging from the rise of individual stocks, 150 stocks in the two cities rose for more than three consecutive trading days, 41 stocks rose for more than five consecutive trading days, the top three of which were Dean Diagnosis (7 days), Kelly Ying (6 days) and Huachao Testing (6 days). The top three stocks with the largest cumulative increase during the period of successive stock increases were World Games Circuit (34.63%), Intelligent Technology (31.27%) and China Submarine (27.78%).

It is worth noting that among 150 consecutive rising stocks, the net inflow of the main capital during the period of 7 stocks exceeds 100 million yuan. Among them, the largest cumulative inflow of funds is Dazu Laser, and the main capital inflows 437 million yuan.

Note: The last four tables of this information have excluded new shares listed in the past year.

Source: Date Bao Responsible Editor: Yang Bin_NF4368