The premium land sale earns more than ten million dollars? Swertia Island: Actually, it lost 1 million yuan

 The premium land sale earns more than ten million dollars? Swertia Island: Actually, it lost 1 million yuan

So, Swertia Island should have made a lot of money.

However, on August 13, Swertia Island issued an announcement supplementing the transaction. In the announcement, the company mentioned that in the evaluation report issued by Beijing Zhongtianhua, the evaluation value of the land use right included in the evaluation scope was 48.126 million yuan, but the above-mentioned evaluation value is only the market value of the land use right, and does not include the value of the existing buildings, attachments and other Construction-In-Progress projects within the land area, nor does it take into account the value of the land use right. Consider the cost of funds for land acquisition and capital expenditure for construction under construction.

On the basis of the above-mentioned pricing, Zhangzidao explained: This transaction pricing is based on the evaluation value of land use rights of both sides of the transaction, taking into account the land and construction investment in the previous year of the shipping company, the subsequent land clearance expenditure and the cost of capital occupation, as well as the existing land and land of the other side of the transaction. The synergistic value of business is determined through full negotiation and negotiation between the two parties.

According to Zhangzidao, although there is a premium on the amount of assets sold, after preliminary calculation, deducting the book value of land, transaction taxes and other expenditures of shipping companies, it is estimated that the book profit and loss of this transaction will be about 1 million yuan.

So, what does Swertia Island do to make this loss?

From the financial data point of view, the performance of Swertia Island in recent years is not good. In October 2018, Swertia Island launched the slimming program. Since then, it has repeatedly sold subsidiary assets to withdraw funds, including the resale of 39% of its shares in Dalian Xiangxiang Food Co., Ltd. to Japan Shuangri Co., Ltd., 100% of Suns shares in Dalian Xinzhong Seafood Co., Ltd., and 90% of its holdings in Xinzhong Japan Co., Ltd. Equity is sold to Asia Fishing Port Co., Ltd. The sale of land use rights is the third time that Swertia Island has sold its assets.

Source: Daily Economic News Responsible Editor: Yang Bin_NF4368