The minimum of 5G card package is less than 200 yuan per month. Beijing will begin to issue it next month.

 The minimum of 5G card package is less than 200 yuan per month. Beijing will begin to issue it next month.

In September this year, China Telecom will take the lead in releasing 5G mobile phone numbers in Beijing.

Previously, the three major operators were expected to usher in 5G commerce in October. This time, China Telecom decided to rush. According to Beijing Daily, a document issued by China Telecom has confirmed the matter, and the specific commercial date still needs to be notified by China Telecom again. At present, China Telecoms first batch of 5G listed key commercial cities have been identified, and next month Beijing users will take the lead in domestic experience.

China Telecom will officially launch 5G experience package in Beijing, and open 5G free experience on a large scale. Telecom will open the 5G experience pack to users who buy 5G mobile phones free of charge. The experience pack includes 100GB experience traffic per month. The experience time is 2 months. Users can send short messages or deal with it through the business hall. The 5G rate of the experience pack is up to 1Gbps, which is equivalent to downloading a movie in about one second.

The 5G era has accelerated, and some partners have sent out soul torture. When can 5G mobile phones be bought? Must I change my mobile card? Money is not ready, say 5G exactly how to charge?

Q1: Must I change it to 5G special card?

This time, the telecom launched 5G special segment. Do you want to change the mobile card? The answer is No. It is reported that the 5G special segment launched by China Telecom will be mainly suitable for users who buy new telecommunication numbers. Old users do not need to re-subscribe for new numbers. After purchasing 5G mobile phones, they can upgrade the 4G package to 5G package through business hall and other channels.

Earlier, China Mobile said that it would provide 5G services in more than 40 cities by the end of September this year. Users could open 5G services without changing cards or numbers. That is to say, current 4G mobile card users can connect to 5G network. After 5G commercial use, operators will launch 5G mobile phone cards in the later stage, and users can go to the business hall to replace them.

Q2:5G is expensive?

According to reports, the price of 5G package has been basically determined, and it is expected to vary from 199 yuan to 599 yuan, but the volume of traffic and voice in each package has not been fully determined.

Overall, the price of 5G package is higher than the current 4G, but the traffic is expected to be much higher than the current standard of 20G per month, which is much lower in terms of unit price.

Will a low-cost package be introduced in the future? Some insiders said that from the perspective of technological development, the early age of 5G mobile phone is similar to that of 4G mobile phone. In the long run, the decline of flow rate and unit price is the trend. Pan Wen, director of Radio Management Research Institute of Saidi Think Tank, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that from the perspective of traditional traffic charges alone, it is more certain that 5G will be cheaper than 4G. This can be seen from the evolution process from 2G to 3G and then to 4G.

According to the report, communication industry expert Xiang Ligang believes that the introduction of low-cost packages depends on the competitiveness of the three major operators, and the process should not be too long.

Q3: When can I buy a 5G mobile phone? Is it Expensive?

According to reports, since August 16, citizens can buy 5G mobile phones through China Telecom Beijing Company. They are Huawei Mate 20X5G version, ZTE and vivo, respectively. They are all adapted to China Telecom 5G network.

On July 23, Wenku, Director of the Information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said at a press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council that there are now more than a dozen or twenty mobile phones available, and more will be available by the end of the year. On the same day, ZTE first released the first domestic 5G mobile phone, ZTE Tianji Axon 10Pro5G, at a price of only 4999 yuan.

Huawei posted a message on Weibo that it would launch Mate20X5G version of Huawei on August 16 at a starting price of 6,199 yuan. Vioi QOO5G will be released in Beijing on August 22. The price will be 4998 yuan. At present, these three 5G mobile phones have completely broken the rumor that people from all walks of life expect more than 10,000 yuan.

In addition, Samsung S105G version, Millet Mix35G version, OPPOReno5G version, vivoNEX5G version and so on have been released.

Q4: Can a 4G phone still be used?

For users, whether they want to change 5G mobile phones at present depends on their personal needs.

An insider from a mobile phone manufacturer admitted that the price of 5G mobile phones would be a little higher than that of 4G products because of the small volume, high cost of supply and generally flagship models. The coexistence of 4G and 5G mobile phones will last for quite a long time.

According to reports, Telecom is speeding up the deployment of 5G experience in business halls. In mid-August, 5G experience areas will be opened in some large business halls in Beijing. Users without 5G mobile phones can also experience the super-fast rate of 5G network by connecting Wi-Fi in business halls.

After 5G popularization, will 4G mobile phones still be available? It is an arduous task to complete the coverage of 5G network nationwide at one time. It can be said with certainty that 4G technology will not be completely eliminated.

In fact, in that year, 3GPP had prepared an innovative version of the 4GLTE specification and served as the pillar of the next generation of mobile network era. It is expected that 3GPP will release 4.5G LTE Advanced Pro, which some operators call 4.5G or 4.5G GPro, while others call it 5G Evolution or 5G Project. It can guarantee higher speed, higher reliability and compatibility with 5G.

As for the lower 2G network, cancellation is only a matter of time.

Q5: When will Beijing achieve 5G full coverage?

At present, all three operators have opened 5G base stations in Beijing.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website, by the end of July, the tower company had completed the construction and delivery of 7863 5G base stations, and the operators had opened 6324 5G base stations. It is expected that by the end of 2019, Beijing will build more than 10,000 5G base stations.

Among them, Beijing Unicom took the lead in opening 5G base stations in Beijing in 2018, covering Xicheng Financial Street, Haidian Daoxianghu and other places, and then opened 5G signals in Beijing Long-distance Building and Medea Center. It is understood that the follow-up 5G base station of Beijing Unicom will give priority to covering key areas such as the citys sub-center, the new airport and along Changan Street.

Beijing Mobile previously responded to the Beijing News that by the end of this year, it will build more than 8,000 sites in Beijing, initially realizing basic coverage in the areas of East-West, North and South Rings and suburbs.

Beijing Telecom did not disclose its coverage expectation for 2019, but said that it would achieve outdoor continuous coverage in the Fifth Ring Road from 2019 to 2020, and that key value areas would supplement and plan independent 5G sites according to specific business needs.

According to the information on the website of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the laying of Beijing 5G base station will be implemented in accordance with the location of the capital city and the requirements of major future activities. At present, Beijing has focused on the completion of 5G base station construction areas, including Beijing World Park Expo and surrounding roads, Shougang Winter Olympics Park, Tiananmen Palace Museum area along Changan Street, Beijing City Vice-Center and so on. In addition, 5G network will be put into use synchronously with the formal opening of Beijing Daxing International Airport on September 30 this year. The construction of 5G base station in Yanqing area of Winter Olympic Games has been started to meet the demand of the Alpine Skiing World Cup in 2020. Construction of 5G base stations in other areas along Changan Street is also under way.

Source: Ding Guangsheng_NT1941, responsible editor of Beijing Newspaper