Killing Pigs Fraud Spreads Online Shopping, Online Loan, Online Love, Fraudulent Young People

 Killing Pigs Fraud Spreads Online Shopping, Online Loan, Online Love, Fraudulent Young People

On the morning of August 12, at the scene of the conference, Guangzhou police returned the deceived funds to many citizens.

More than 2,200 cases of telecommunication fraud have been uncovered, more than 2,300 suspects of telecommunication network fraud have been detained according to law, and nearly 350 million yuan of economic losses have been recovered. On the morning of August 12, the press office of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau held a press conference. Guangzhou police will crack down on such fraud crimes as killing pig dish fraud, platform investment and impersonating customer service. The number of suspects of electric fraud in criminal detention in the first seven months of this year exceeded the workload of 2018. On the scene of the conference, the deceived funds were returned to many citizens.

Financial Transfer 680,000 Anti-Fraud Center Emergency Stop Payment

Nandu reporters learned from the meeting that Guangzhou police devoted all their efforts to the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security Yunjian campaign and the battle to combat and prevent the crime of fraud in telecommunications networks, targeting at the emerging and confusing pig-killing dish fraud, as well as the huge amount of fraud and the platform investment of the victims. Posing as customer service fraud and so on, we should give full play to the power of Internet + investigation to crack down on crimes by high-tech and integrate closely with the two battlefields within and outside the country under the Internet.

According to reports, Guangzhou Anti-Fraud Center can intercept the seizure of bank account funds in seconds, conduct real-time investigation and control, and stop payment urgently. Since this year, more than 100,000 bank accounts have been inquired and more than 17,000 bank accounts have been stopped. More than 170,000 people have recovered nearly 350 million yuan of economic losses. 382 cases of funds involved have been returned in the original way and 16.68 million yuan of funds have been returned to deceived people.

The conference also showed the items involved in the fraud cases, including mobile phones, telephone cards, POS machines and laptops, which were uncovered by Tianhe, Conghua, Nansha and Baiyun Branches, and returned the fraudulent funds to many citizens.

Thank the Guangzhou police for recovering 500,000 yuan for me. Mr. Chen told Nandu reporters on the spot that he was the head of a company in Huangpu District. On July 22, this year, the cheater pretended to be the boss in the QQ group of his branch to contact the head of the branch and the companys finance. He said that he urgently needed a remittance. The finance immediately contacted the head of the branch. The person in charge said that it was true, and the two people mistook it for true. Subsequently, the cheater pulled the two into another QQ group, where a counterfeit shareholder was also in the group. According to the instructions of the boss, the finance allocated 680,000 yuan to each others account in batches.

In that group, besides the financial and branch directors, all of them are fraudsters. Our boss and a shareholder were on the plane at that time, so they couldnt be verified immediately. Mr. Chen said that when the boss got off the plane and contacted the company, he knew he had been cheated and immediately reported the case.

After receiving the report, Guangzhou Anti-Fraud Center immediately coordinated the two levels of inquiry and stop payment of suspected public accounts, and urgently stopped payment of 200,000 yuan; then coordinated the inquiry and stop payment of 300,000 yuan of suspected third-level accounts of ICBC, and successfully intercepted 500,000 yuan of fraudulent funds.

Online shopping, online lending, online fraud

Most of the deceived are young people.

Pan Guoliang, deputy head of the criminal police detachment of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, said that since the cooperation between the public security organs and the police enterprises of the banks, the elderly are easily detected and the number of fraudulent cases of the elderly has declined. Among the fraudulent people, the age of over 60 is not more than 20%, and 80% of the fraudulent people are under 60.

According to statistics, in Guangzhou Telecom network fraud police, network fraud police accounted for 67.5%, telephone fraud police accounted for 32.5%. Among the network fraud police, five types of fraud are most prominent, including online shopping, online loans, fake acquaintances, part-time billing, and fake customer service. Among them, online shopping fraud accounts for 14.82%, online loan fraud accounts for 14.53%, fake acquaintances fraud accounts for 12.85%, part-time billing fraud accounts for 8.69%, and fake customer service fraud accounts for 8. 22%. The proportion of cases pretending to be public prosecution law has dropped significantly, accounting for about 2.8% of telecommunications fraud cases.

As the main group of participants in online shopping, online loans, online transfers and online dating are young people, young people are more adapted to the network of transfers and financial tools, a new feature of young people cheat better has emerged. For example, agent credit card, loan fraud, the deceived people are mainly working people, more involved in economic activities, when the capital is tight, easy to be cheated. Students and housewives are the main victims of swindling. They hope to be cheated by working part-time to earn money. Shopping fraudulent targets are mainly younger groups, who encounter various kinds of fraudulent online shopping.

Victims of swine tray fraud are both men and women.

The victim is pig raised by the so-called love , then fattened and killed again. According to Pan Guoliang, a new method of swindling called killing pig dish has spread rapidly recently, targeting young and middle-aged men and women.

In such swindling techniques, swindlers often lurk in various dating sites. They use false information to disguise themselves as handsome companions or gentle and intellectually ideal partners. They quickly search for prey, ask for a short time to warm up, cultivate feelings and gain trust. Deceive it to gambling, investment and other platforms for fraud.

In this kind of fraud, the victims are both men and women. The majority of males are young marriageable, while the majority of females are middle-aged divorce.

Such formerly appeared routines as tea girl, wine girl and beautiful dress designer mainly aimed at men, while soldiers of a certain country and financial executives mainly aimed at middle-aged women, especially divorced middle-aged women. Through the routine of killing after maturity, cheaters can cultivate good feelings and gain trust with the owners on the Internet, then lure them to gambling, investment and other platforms for fraud, and finally make the owners empty.

classic case

The new company opened a fraudulent girlfriend to send flower baskets and 20 pig tray fraudulent gangs fell into the net.

On March 18 this year, Chen Mou, the mistress, alerted the police, saying that she met a man on the internet, and their feelings quickly warmed up. The man claimed that his new company would open a few days later to test love and ask the owner to call the florist to send flower baskets to celebrate. The owner transferred 4000 yuan to each others micro-signal twice through micro-signal, and found that he was deceived.

After the incident, the Criminal Police Brigade of Conghua District Public Security Branch immediately intervened in the investigation, made the minor cases bigger, and resolutely chained and fountainheaded. Supported by the criminal police detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, after more than three months of joint operation and rank-and-file visits, the special team has excavated a group specializing in various major marriage and love network platforms to carry out pig-killing dish telecommunications network fraud by making friends through marriage and love. The group involves five groups and four pits. Its internal division of labor is very clear. It has a telephone service group, an intermediary group, a withdrawal group and a card opening group, with more than 20 people involved. The fraudulent group fraudulently defrauded peoples property by making friends and sending flower baskets, investing rechargeable piles and returning profits on the online marriage platform. In view of the serious situation of the case, the Municipal Public Security Bureau has designated the case as the target case for the special action of Hurricane 2019. It has made every effort to operate and close the network in time.

On July 3, with the vigorous support of the criminal police detachment team and related police types, Conghua District Public Security Bureau dispatched police forces and rushed to Shaoguan Xinfeng, Heyuan Lianping, Huizhou Longmen, Foshan Gaoming and other places. With the cooperation of local police, 20 suspects were criminally detained according to law, and about 30,000 yuan in cash, 88 bank cards, 42 Mobile phones and so on were seized. More than 300 mobile phone cards, 5 POS machines, 6 laptops and 5 cars, the whole chain knocked out the fraud gangs traffic group, intermediary group, withdrawal group, open card group and other four pits.

Internship journalist Cheng Xiaomei, Nandu journalist

Yan Nan, Zhang Yitao and Chen Yumin, correspondent to Xue Ni

Photography: Nandu reporter Zhang Zhitao

Source: responsible editor of Southern Metropolitan Daily: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541