Chinas First Net Red is not Papi sauce, YouTube or the next battlefield

 Chinas First Net Red is not Papi sauce, YouTube or the next battlefield

This beautiful and talented woman is the first sister of short video in the hearts of most Chinese netizens.

Looking at todays tremolo fan list, music and dance accounted for half of the country, and the budding IP Zen monk Liu Erdou emerged.

As of July 5, 2019, the ranking of red fans on tremolo (incomplete statistics)

But if we go abroad, in the hearts of international friends, who is the most popular in China?

With 7 million YouTube fans and an estimated monthly advertising revenue of 4.26 million, many people were surprised that Oeno, the office, topped the YouTube Internet Red List in China.

NoxInfluencer Data Screenshot - Office Oeno

In February 2017, Oeno, the office, attracted wide attention for publishing a series of brain hole videos of office gourmet dishes such as Water Machine Cooking Hotpot. In her first year of popularity, Oenos network of 20 million fans included 5 million from overseas.

In September 2017, Oeno, the only YouTuber in mainland China, was invited to participate in the YouTube FANFEST (tubing fan festival) held in Hong Kong.

In April 2018, as a global phenomenon-level short video IP, PlaylistLive was invited to participate in the United States, which is the only invited representative in China. International Fields really deserve it.

Oeno Office has opened up a new path for many domestic creators when they encounter the ceiling, and opened up an international route. The gold content and brand value of personal IP make many colleagues far from reach.

Current situation of 01 net red going to sea

Official data show that in July 2018, YouTubes monthly live users exceeded 1.9 billion and tremolos global monthly live users exceeded 500 million.

YouTubes monthly activity is nearly four times the jitter of the domestic short video head platform.

Quest Mobiles China Mobile Internet Semi-annual Report of 2019 shows that the monthly active equipment scale of China Mobile Internet reached a peak of 1.14 billion, and the Q2 user scale declined by nearly 2 million in the single quarter of 2019.

Domestic market space can not meet the development needs of head short video enterprises, while foreign countries have a wider user base. The global net red marketing market cake, can divide up the share is also very big.

QuestMobile China Mobile Internet Semi-annual Report 2019

From 2016 to 2019, global social media advertising spending will grow by 72%. Corresponding to the increased cost and expenditure of social media advertising, more and more companies are turning to online red marketing.

The marketing of Google Search Reds has increased by 1500% in the past three years. According to Mediakix survey, it is estimated that by 2020, the global marketing and advertising expenditure of Internet Reds will reach 10 billion US dollars.

The Tendency of Net Red Marketing in the Fifteenth National Congress of 2019

Faced with the vast international market, the first domestic netizens to go to sea have tasted sweetness.

According to official YouTube and Facebook data, Office Ono is the fastest growing creator of both platforms. In February 2018, Oeno won the YouTube Best Golden Million Fan Award, and more than a few top stars were certified by Facebook as the number one blogger in Greater China.

NoxInfluencer Data Screenshot - Plum

NoxInfluencer data screenshot - Dianxi Xiaoge

The younger brother in Western Yunnan is far less famous in China than the beauty blogger Qiuqiu (5.31 million Weibo fans) and the gourmet blogger Eclipse Diary (17.65 million Weibo fans).

NoxInfluencer Red List of China Regional Networks

With the fierce competition of domestic short video platforms and the squeeze of traffic, the foreign short video market has more development space and unfilled blank areas. NetRed internationalization is indeed a new direction.

As the head bloggers of YouTube in China, office Xiaoye, Li Zixu and Xiao Ge in West Yunnan have made a good start for the internationalization of NetRed.

02 Why can they fire?

| Low language barrier

At the RISE Technology Summit in Asia, Oeno summarized the reasons for his popularity as follows: passionate, creative and silent films.

This kind of gourmet video has few conversations, and the core of non-verbal video content is action and scene.

In addition, Oenos YouTube video titles and descriptions are in English, further lowering the viewing threshold for foreign audiences. In the video, she will also annotate key information in English for easy understanding.

Li Zixus video title and description are in Chinese and English. According to user portraits, the video has also been translated into Southeast Asian languages.

| High Universal Elements

Oenos videos are mostly shot in the office. Office is a common scenario element all over the world, which can arouse the resonance of the working people.

Her YouTube video positioning Office Cooking is novel and interesting, suiting foreignerstastes and tempers. And the core of video content, office is not only KPI, but also eating and distant is to increase usersexpectations.

The videos of Li Zixu and his brother in Western Yunnan mostly focus on the wild life of Chinese countryside. They are famous for the ancient French cuisine. The simple and natural scenes repeatedly depict different Chinese countryside.

The three YouTube bloggers in China share the same video theme: gourmet food.

The field of cosmetics is also limited by regional factors, Asian women and European and American actresses have different cosmetic styles. Video makeup that bloggers hate is more suitable for Asian women, so there is no big splash in the European and American markets.

As a high universal element, gourmet food has no boundaries and no cultural restrictions, and the audiences acceptance of gourmet videos is higher. Many users watch food videos not to learn how to cook, but to enjoy and relax.

| Strong Chinese Symbol

YouTube launched its first official video on April 23, 2005. By 2019, YouTube has gone through 15 years, with an average of 400 hours per minute of uploaded video.

As the eldest brother of the video industry, YouTube blossoms in all fields with saturated content. If China NetRed wants to get ahead, it must create something different.

What is more appropriate than exporting Chinese wind?

There are few Chinese-style food bloggers on YouTube, such as Li Zixu and Xiao Ge in Western Yunnan. Their appearance fills some gaps in YouTubes content field and provides a new entrance for foreign users to understand Chinese culture.

Because its unique, its brilliant. Chinese symbols are endowed with deeper connotations in the video.

Chinese beauty Li Zixu wears simple clothes in the video. She picks and processes delicious food in a natural way. The simple and unadorned process of making delicious food is full of national flavor. She has become the most beautiful Chinese person in the foreign impression.

Another microblog fan number can compete with Li Zixus domestic gourmet Big V eclipse diaries are also exported overseas, but not in direct proportion to domestic popularity, ranking only 44 in China. NoxInfluencer gives a single video cooperative reference cost of more than 3000 yuan, which is only 0.4% of Li Zixues.

Despite the popularity of style in China, the Japanese food video content in the modern kitchen in the base area is no longer new on YouTube. Only by being innovative can users be attracted, and only by being distinctive can traffic be created.

| Creativity is more unique

Oenos creative cuisine concept is unique, fried steak with gramophone, made Chinese glutinous rice cake in the office, fried sweet or not spicy with gongs and other innovations have made many netizens applaud.

The concept of creative video must be unique if it is to be brilliant. Nie Yangde, co-founder of Onion Video, also emphasized that in todays environment, short videos must return to the content level in an all-round way. Only with good and creative content, can we reap our territory in the fierce competition of short videos.

Foreign NetizensComments on Office Ono YouTube Video

As to why it is loved by users all over the world, Ono responded at the 2018 annual YouTube content creator conference that creativity is always at the core, while cooking delicious food in the office fully satisfies peoples curiosity and yearning for a better life.

| Creating Personal IP

Net Reds predicament brings with it: growth is easy to retain but difficult to retain. After becoming popular, the cash flow is a big mountain that lies in front of the network red and the MCN organization.

From the content industry point of view, Super IP has distinct personality attributes, strong identification, continuous quality content output, to establish a link between the three views and aesthetic approximation of the crowd, contributing to group Carnival again and again.

From the perspective of personal brand, super IP has become a tentative imagination today when individuals are liberated in an all-round way. As long as we keep giving nutrients, cherishing feathers, delivering value, and finding the same frequency of users, everyone has the opportunity to achieve themselves.

Liu Daxiong, founder of Weinian Science and Technology, said in an interview with reporters that Li Zixu could not be met. Weinian should be an independent brand, which can also be called IP brand. According to Li Zixus brand tonality, the ultimate entry point is Chinese traditional culture may be favored by modern young womens fashion food.

In the era of fanseconomy, only by creating personal IP and marketing net-hongs personal charm can we win the fans with high stickiness.

There are often fans who want her to cook a designated dish in the comments. She usually presents her suggestions for reference. In addition to providing feedback to fans, she also hopes to let fans know that Oeno in the office cares about their voices through these responses.

Passers-by will not contribute to the purchasing power, the loyalty will be true gold and silver to support the flow of net red cash.

03 How do domestic short video go to sea?

YouTubers revenue sources are more diverse than those of other websites. UCGs revenue sources on YouTube are mainly divided into four categories: platform browsing, advertising placement, crowdsourcing and live broadcasting revenue.

The diversification of YouTube liquidation has also attracted many domestic netizens and MCN institutions. Many foresighted MCNs have already planned for internationalization. Due to the huge cultural differences between the East and the West, it is one of the important factors to understand the orientation of foreign audiences.

| cater to foreign audiencesperception and create content with Chinese characteristics

According to the National Image Report of China published in 2018, Chinese food, traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts are the three most representative elements of Chinese culture in the eyes of overseas respondents.

In the earlier Global First Survey on ForeignersCognition of Chinese Culture, foreigners had the highest awareness of pandas, green tea and cultural symbols related to Chinas natural resources and lifestyle, reaching more than 3 points with a full score of 5.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents regard the Internet as the preferred channel to access Chinese cultural information, and YouTube has become one of the most convenient channels for foreign users to understand China.

Li Zixu and Xiao Ge in Western Yunnan are YouTuber representatives of Chinese cuisine videos, which have prominent Chinese cultural characteristics and cater to the interests and preferences of foreign users.

Their video content shows the traditional way of life in China. It has the unique natural beauty of China and satisfies the curiosity of foreign users.

On YouTubes TOP 100 list, music and game bloggers account for a large part of the country. These fields are full of talented people. If you want to get ahead, you should not only look at strength, but also at opportunities.

Starting from 0, Nethong needs to choose suitable subdivisions. Rather than struggling in the saturated flow pool, Nethong should be a characteristic content of China.

| Seeking professional MCN incubation

There must be a professional service system behind the high quality content.

In attending RISE Technology Summit, one of Asias largest science and technology summits, Oeno repeatedly introduced himself as Onion Girl (Onion Girl). She said frankly that the overseas development process can not be separated from the strong support of the companys onion group.

At the PlaylistLive event, for the astonishing growth rate of fans, Oeno also said that finding the right track, continuously producing quality content, and the professional team cooperation mechanism provided by his organization are the three most important reasons for the rapid increase of fans.

Office Noo Participates in PlaylistLive Activity Map

When incubating the IP of Oeno, Onion Group chose the expression of gourmet + mime to break through the domestic ceiling, breaking down language barriers and cultural barriers, and becoming a super IP which can not be replicated in the world.

The new list has analyzed the internal reasons why Office Ono is very popular overseas: a large number of overseas users are UGC team, Office Ono is the way of PGC, creating the feeling of UGC, so there is a very good development abroad.

Claires White Paper on MCN Industry Development in China 2019

Individual net red solo fighting energy is limited, a person contracted to plan, shoot, edit all the work is not only inefficient, but also has no experience and resources in cash.

Especially in the field of short video, which is unfamiliar overseas, NetRed needs a professional leader. MCN is a good choice.

Professional service team can not only help NetRed to produce content, but also provide better resources for NetRed in advertising and help NetRed to realize its traffic.

| Using YouTube Mechanism to Improve Video Ranking

YouTube has slightly different algorithm mechanism from the domestic short head video platform.

The de-centralization algorithm of jitter gives everyone a chance to become popular. The subsequent flow pool matching and heat weighting mean that high completion rate and high interaction rate are very important to the popularity of video.

On the contrary, fast hand is centralized algorithm and personalized recommendation. Fast-hand has its own unique circular ranking algorithm, which is recommended according to the heat of the work.

YouTubes algorithm has been changed several times, and currently viewing time is YouTubes primary goal for users. That is to say, the core video recommendation index is the length of the video being watched.

Video clicks can not be equal to the end of the broadcast, many Title Party videos greatly affect the users viewing experience.

In Daguan Datas article On the Changes of YouTube Recommendation System, the following three factors have been mentioned to influence ranking:

Secondly, user characteristics are related: the relevance of user tastes and preferences, that is, the attributes of seed videos.

Third, diversity: recommend different topics. Platform limits the number of videos uploaded by the same uploader, and also analyses the text to avoid the clustering of similar videos.

Under the premise of guaranteeing video quality and according to YouTube recommendation mechanism, YouTuber can optimize video clicks from the following perspectives:

Title, keywords and file names are defined to match users accurately.

Increase video translation and enhance the experience of foreign language users.

Hootsuite, a social management platform, has suggested attaching importance to video covers because 90% of YouTubes best video covers are customized rather than automatically generated.

A good cover will increase the click-through rate of the video. Only when users enter the video page can they be attracted by the content.

Quality content is the key to short video.

Its easier to pull new ones than to keep them. External form optimization can play a supporting role to help improve the click-through rate of video. But the key factor of how long users watch depends on the video content. Improving video quality and creating video creativity are the foundation.

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