Officials: The police must take serious action to stop violence

 Officials: The police must take serious action to stop violence

In the face of illegal acts, due to their responsibilities, the police must take rigorous and decisive law enforcement actions to restore the order of our society, restore social tranquility, so that the lives of most citizens can be restored to normal, and Hong Kongs economy can continue to operate. Zhang Jianzong, Chief Executive of the SAR Government, said at a press conference.

Zhang Jianzhong said that the large-scale clashes and sabotage launched by radical demonstrators over the weekend distressed Hong Kong citizens, and that these extreme acts of violence should be severely condemned. No good citizen in Hong Kong should attack the rule of law and use illegal violence to achieve their goals.

These grave acts of violence have reached extremely dangerous levels and are worrying about their horrors. These violent people are not ordinary demonstrators, so the police must take targeted action to effectively combat them. Li Jiachao said.

Li Jiachao also said that illegal assembly activities destroy social peace, the police are legally responsible for taking actions including dispersal, and those present should leave as soon as the police warn in advance.

On December 12, an unauthorized public gathering at Hong Kong International Airport led to a complete shutdown of the airport. Chen Fan, Director of Transport and Housing of the HKSAR Government, pointed out that Hong Kong International Airport is the third largest international aviation hub in the world with nearly 200,000 passengers entering and leaving every day. This incident has cost Hong Kong a lot.

Chen Fan said that Hong Kong International Airport is an international aviation hub, accounting for 42% of Hong Kongs total import and export trade. It provides livelihoods for more than 800,000 people and plays a very important role in the long-term development of Hong Kongs economy.

What we can achieve today is the result of many years of hard work by Hong Kong people. Losing is quite easy, but rebuilding is very difficult. Chen Fan appealed to those present to leave Hong Kong International Airport as soon as possible so that Hong Kongs civil aviation industry could continue to operate.