[Chinas Economic Power] Energetic Power of Emerging Industries

 [Chinas Economic Power] Energetic Power of Emerging Industries

Jiangsu Province, located in the eastern part of China, is the leader of Chinas economic development. As of 2018, the scale of Jiangsus manufacturing industry has remained the first in the country for eight consecutive years. In recent years, Jiangsu Province has made great efforts to promote core technological breakthroughs in key areas, accelerate the construction of autonomous and controllable modern industrial system, and played a key role in supporting high-quality development.

Wang Shuhua, deputy director of the Institute of Social Policy, Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences: We do not have to excessively pursue the large volume and quantity. If we can win the championship in a certain subdivision area, we can also occupy our voice in this industry chain.

Gu Jingjun, deputy general manager of Nantong Zhenkang Welding Machinery and Electricity Co., Ltd., said, The stuck neck is something that cant be bought or not. It can only be developed by itself. In the short term, it will bring pressure to enterprises, but in the long run, it must be beneficial.

In June this year, China took the lead in issuing the first batch of 5G commercial licenses around the world. In just one month, the first full-process 5G intelligent manufacturing line has been established in Wuhan Hongxin Communication Technology Co., Ltd. After customers place orders remotely, the whole process of production, testing and delivery can be completed through the transmission of cloud platform built by 5G network.

Xie Guangwei, Project Leader of 5G Intelligent Factory of Hongxin Communications, China Cisco: For example, our production cycle was about 15 days. Now it can be reduced to 50% directly. Now it can be delivered in 7 to 8 days. A single wire body may need about 30 people. Now we control it by ourselves.

According to industrial production data, more than 200 digital workshops and intelligent factories have been initially built in China. The output of industrial robots has exceeded 140,000. The penetration rate of digital R&D and design tools in industrial enterprises has increased to 68%. It is expected that the market scale of Chinas intelligent manufacturing industry will exceed 1.9 trillion yuan this year.

Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology: In the first half of the year, the added value of high-tech manufacturing industry increased by 9%, while that of strategic emerging manufacturing industry increased by 7.7%, which was 2.6 and 1.3 percentage points faster than the overall manufacturing industry, respectively. New energy vehicles, urban rail vehicles, service robots, 3D printing equipment, high-end medical equipment, biomedicine have maintained a relatively high growth rate.

Huang Hanquan: Over the years, scientific and technological innovation has become the first driving force to promote economic development, and has become a conscious action for enterprises to transform and upgrade, improve quality and increase efficiency. All sectors of society are actively implementing the strategy of innovation-driven development, and the transformation and upgrading of our manufacturing industry has a very good support.

At present, China is committed to achieving high-quality development. As General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized, we should fully understand that innovation is the first driving force, provide high-quality scientific and technological supply, and strive to support the construction of a modern economic system. In the first half of this year, the output of new industrial products with high technology content and added value maintained double-digit growth. Continuous and high-intensity R&D has been applied to infrastructure construction, new energy, marine life, digital economy and other fields. In the second half of the year, emerging industries will continue to be a strong driving force for the steady and progressive operation of the economy.