The Series of Negative Events of Cathay Pacific Airlines in Hong Kong

 The Series of Negative Events of Cathay Pacific Airlines in Hong Kong

In response to the safety risks and hidden dangers exposed by Cathay Pacific Airlines in recent incidents, China Civil Aviation Administration issued a major aviation safety risk warning to the company on August 9. As we all know, in the civil aviation industry where safety is greater than days, how serious is it to receive such a yellow card warning, but Cathay Pacifics indulgence in aviation management has led to the intensification of some of its employees.

According to the latest news reported by Hong Kong media, a Cathay Pacific Airlines crew member not only openly clamored for disobeying the orders of the Civil Aviation Administration and striking inland flights, but also incited other employees to take a series of non-cooperative operations when flying to inland flights, such as refusing to cooperate when inland law enforcement officers conduct normal security procedures, etc. u3002 In this regard, some members of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong have directly criticized Cathay Pacific Airlines for its serious internal safety supervision problems, some staff members have been trapped by radical ideas, which may pose a serious threat to flight at any time.

Hong Kongs Ta Kung Pao also released a recording showing that on July 26, when an illegal rally was held at Hong Kong airport, a captain of Cathay Pacific Airlines flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong was supposed to introduce the flight conditions and weather to passengers through the radio according to the normal procedures, but he actually used public appliances for private use through the radio. Passengers convey their radical personal political ideas and try to disrupt the behaviour of the mob in Hong Kong.

On August 12, Cathay Pacific CEO He Xiao issued a letter to employees stating that employees who supported or participated in illegal protests would be subject to disciplinary action with serious consequences or dismissal, especially in the current situation. However, after China Civil Aviation Administration issued a major aviation safety risk warning to Cathay Pacific Airlines, the latter announced to the public that the pilots charged with riot crimes had stopped flying, and said that the safety of aircraft operation would be the primary consideration. Subsequently, the various actions of Cathay Pacific Airlines employees in Hong Kong raised questions about the companys inaction in management. Yao Sirong, a member of the Hong Kong Tourism Legislative Council, furiously denounced Cathay Pacifics staff for their shocking words and deeds and the serious safety supervision problems of Cathay Pacific.

N Crimes

If we comb the recent media reports, we can see that Cathay Pacific Airlines has a long history of poor management, information security and other aspects. More importantly, in the process of dealing with the problem, the companys attitude is ambiguous and sincerity is hard to see.

On August 7, some netizens were shocked when they flew Cathay Pacific Flight CX831 from New York to Hong Kong. In the city introduction of the airborne entertainment system, the label Beijing, China (Beijing, China) was arranged in the form of combination of cities and countries, while the words Hong Kong and Taipei were used respectively. Hong Kong (Hong Kong, Hong Kong) and Taipei, Taiwan (Taipei, Taiwan). Some netizens also said that in the advertisement page issued by the airline on the plane, in the column of the country where the address was selected, the Hong Kong, Taiwan and China were juxtaposed, and the netizens were in an uproar.

The recent dismissal of employees for improper acts such as disclosing customer flight information is a violation of employee code of conduct.

Motion is unacceptable. He Xiao said in the latest statement. But he cautioned, Media reports suggest that there may be a protest at Hong Kong International Airport today (12 August). Without official approval, the protest would be considered illegal. So please do not support or participate in this protest. If the protest becomes chaotic or violent, we will also worry about your safety.

Many insiders pointed out that Cathay Pacifics apparent warmth toward its employees is likely to counter-fuel some peoples arrogance. Previously, Peoples Daily published In front of the warning, how can Cathay Pacificand mud! u300b According to one article, Cathay Pacifics toothpaste squeezing style of handling, not salty but not indifferent attitude, makes it difficult for people not to doubt its sincerity of introspection and rectification. The grounding of the grounding, the punishment of the punishment, and the rectification of the rectification should not be allowed to crack down in front of the warning! __________

Worried about the Way of Money

Negative news has also weighed on Cathay Pacifics stock price and operations. By August 12, Cathay Pacific had fallen 4.85%, a new low in recent years.

Hong Kong thrives in Cathay Pacific, while Hong Kong weakens in Cathay Pacific, Lin Zhijie said. With the decline of Hong Kongs economic status, the development of financial and trade industries is not as expected. The growth potential of Hong Kongs local travel demand is limited. In addition, Chinas mainland aviation companies have intensively opened direct flights from mainland cities to Europe, the United States and Australia, and will return to Hong Kong. As a whole, the company will face many external challenges in the future.

In addition to foreign troubles, Cathay Pacifics internal operations are frequently mistaken. Earlier this year, the companys official website, a series of erroneous fares, exposed the shortcomings of enterprise management and operation. Last October, the company found that information about 9.4 million passengers had been inappropriately accessed, including passenger name, nationality, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail and actual address, passport number, ID card number, Flight Frequent Passenger Program membership number, customer service notes and past flight records. Material, etc. The incident also plunged Cathay Pacific into a crisis of confidence.

An industry expert who did not want to be named also told Beijing Business Daily that Cathay Pacifics competitive weakness mainly comes from its lack of innovation ability and sensitivity to market changes. With the more convenient direct links between Mainland China and the world, Hong Kongs role as an intermediary has been weakened day by day, and the demand for commercial travel in Hong Kongs aviation market has also been met. As a result, Cathay Pacifics future financial opportunities are greatly hindered. In addition, according to Cathay Pacifics business structure in the first half of this year, sales revenue from Hong Kong and the Mainland accounted for half of the countrys total revenue. However, it is difficult for Cathay Pacific to regain market confidence after seeing its reputation fall sharply.

According to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration, Cathay Pacific Airlines should submit to the Mainland Operating Qualification Authorization Agency measures to strengthen internal control and enhance flight safety and security level before 0:00 on August 15. Beijing Business Daily reporters also asked Cathay Pacific about the progress of the program and what specific measures will be involved, but as of press release, no response was received.

Source: Beijing Business Daily Responsible Editor: Lin Zhiheng_NY9285