Sharing Bicycle Operations and Maintenance Tell Absurd Stories: Apply for Police Protection in advance when Jinzhou is put into operation

 Sharing Bicycle Operations and Maintenance Tell Absurd Stories: Apply for Police Protection in advance when Jinzhou is put into operation

Editor Li Tuo

Fade all the star halo, become the usual way of travel advocated by sharing bicycles, but also really spread the foliage. From the first-and second-tier cities covered with reinforced concrete forests, sharing bicycles across mountains and rivers, and even to a small county in Sichuan Basin.

Beyond Beijings Fifth Ring Road, more than 100 bicycles have been cut and unlocked and sold in Hebei Province; in Jinzhou, Northeast China, when bicycles are put into use, they have to apply for police protection in advance; in central Sichuan, a river can pick up brand-new bicycles every day...

In 2018 alone, more than 360,000 private locks were removed from more than 300 cities nationwide, weighing more than 540 tons. This means that one out of every dozen Hello bikes has been privately locked.

As the Experiencers of this series of shameless large-scale behavioral arts, the daily work of cyclists sharing bicycles is to endure the abuse of each other patiently, but seldom hate or hostile to each other. As they say, Without these behaviors, there would be no value for our operation and maintenance.

Hu Wen selected three typical areas of sharing bicycle sinking - a county in central Sichuan, Jinzhou in Liaoning Province and outside the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing. He talked with the local Operations and Video Big Brother and restored some absurd stories of sharing bicycle sinking in the oral form of front-line personnel.

[A County in central Sichuan:Why is it hindering your taxi?

The number of bicycles in our county is much less than that in big cities. It was only in March 2019 that a total of 1000 bicycles were put into operation. In mid-June, my colleagues and I were surrounded by taxi drivers on the day of public welfare cycling in the county town.

At 8:30 in the morning, when the scene was just ready, a lot of taxis suddenly arrived. The drivers were so excited that they pushed down the neatly arranged vehicles and shouted Dont put them here. By 10 oclock, the situation was very serious. About thirty or forty drivers gathered at the scene. They used taxis to surround the scene. The traffic around the scene was once paralysed.

I maintained order at the scene and showed my certificate. The other party didnt look at it at all, nor let my colleagues help the car. I also cursed people for hammer. Local volunteers and citizens volunteered to explain to the driver: Sharing bicycles does not conflict with you. How is it hindering your taxi business? The drivers were not grateful: You dont drive a taxi, you dont know, we are going to be here today, is to make this big thing!

I cant help it. I have to call the police. Under the command of the police, taxis and tricycles were gradually evacuated from the scene, and traffic in the vicinity was resumed.

In fact, the night before the event, there were taxis to warn. At that time, seven colleagues and I were dispatching vehicles. Five or six taxis came and let us move to the suburbs. Dont put the car in this place.

But the preparation for the event was long, and the venue was approved by the relevant departments, but they did not listen to the explanation and were very tough. In order to avoid the conflict, I pulled the car off the venue and returned it at 3 a.m.

Ive been surrounded twice by taxi drivers and I still feel palpitations when I think about it, but I think its a misunderstanding. Before the launch, we did user research. Local users feedback is that the distance exceeds 1.5 kilometers, most people will choose to take taxis, even the radius of battery cars is within one or two kilometers. But since the drip came in, the local people really preferred the more standardized online dating car.

Shared bicycles have sunk to counties with limited urbanization, and many people believe that they have lost their original need to solve the last mile. Background data that can be put on bicycles for 5 months show that there is a strong demand for shared bicycles in our county.

In fact, there are few traffic modes in County towns, and there are more than a dozen bus lines, which cover too many blind areas. In the past, people used to take taxis for long-distance travel and walk for short-distance travel. The entry of shared bicycles can not only supplement the lack of public transport in County towns, but also expand the radius of peoples daily activities. I find that there are more people going out on weekends by bicycle. Many people ride bicycles and have picnics in the suburbs of the county.

The popularity of shared bicycles in the county is unexpected. Users have spontaneously become fans, and now there are three groups of fans. They will spontaneously make bicycle peripherals, print clothes with bicycle logo, and organize volunteers to search for lost bikes in their spare time.

But at the same time, destruction has never ceased.

From Chongqing to Sichuan

In small counties, the biggest problem of sharing bicycles is that some people always want to take advantage of it and make it convenient. Backstage trajectory shows that some vehicles go crazy between two points, apparently hiding their cars for their own use; some people always put their children in the basket, reminding them to correct immediately, but the next time they ride a bicycle, they still do it again...

Occasionally, we will encounter some wonderful flowers. I also manage the operation and maintenance of five counties. Last year, a county town was put into operation. Shortly after the bicycle arrived, two of them were pulled to the main road and burned. Colleagues rushed to the scene, the car has been burned beyond recognition, can only be identified from some parts is a shared bicycle. The results of the police investigation made people laugh and cry. It turned out that a drunken old man had done it.

In May this year, the background showed that there was another trouble: a bicycle was abnormally moved, its track was strange, and its moving distance was particularly coquettish. It ran from Chongqing to Dazhu County, Dazhou City, Sichuan Province, more than 200 kilometers away.

We eventually stopped the running bicycle at the high-speed exit of Dazhu County, Dazhou. The driver who pulled it was a long-distance truck driver. The driver picked up a brand-new car and tried to pull Dazhu back to his home for use, but he didnt expect that someone would chase him so far. When he was blocked, his face was innocent: Well, I really didnt know that we had Hello bikes in most places. I knew I would stop pulling.

Privately occupied shared bicycles

Private ownership is so widespread that sharing bicycles is subject to peoples unreasonable anger.

In April this year, I dispatched vehicles on the side of a road near the river. A young man in his 20s picked up his bicycle and threw it into the river. I told him I was an operator and warned him that the car-throwing had been videotaped and could not be sophisticated. He apologized to me in a panic: Sorry, Im in a bad mood. I shouldnt throw my car into the river.

Sichuans water system is developed, especially the small rivers in the county town. Once the bicycle has been soaked in the water for a long time, all the parts need to be replaced and the loss is great. Fortunately, the bicycle only changed parts.

These people not only throw shared bicycles into rivers, but also into rivers and even rivers.

At the end of July, the background always shows that a car is positioned in a big river. The locator installed in the lock of the car is displayed in the river every other time when it is sent back to the background. In summer, river water is in flood season, and it is easy to be washed away when thrown into big rivers. Fortunately, the car was thrown by the river. It was not so deep that it could be fished up.

There is a single car parking place near the river throwing point. Every night, more than a dozen cars are parked. Police call-in surveillance found that the same person committed the crime. For several nights, the man rode his bicycle for a distance, went to an inconspicuous place, and threw it into the river.

Compared with natural wear and tear, malicious destruction of bicycles is still a minority, which is no different from that of big cities. But slightly different is that people in county towns are relatively simple and real, and like to judge the value of a new thing by useful or useless. It always takes a process for them to accept shared bicycles and use them in compliance.

[Jinzhou, Liaoning Province:Cars dont pull away anymore.

Narrator: Li Hai, Liaoning native, Jinzhou Operations and Maintenance, working for one and a half years.

Since I worked as a bicycle operator, I have received a lot of criticism and blank eyes, but my heart is big and I dont care. Sharing bicycles can sink from the first-and second-tier cities to the fourth-tier cities like Jinzhou. I think the value of this job is greater than many occupations.

Jinzhou is a city where both natural environment and hardware facilities are suitable for sharing bicycle development. The climate is suitable for cycling in three seasons of the year; the roads are flat and wide, and there are special bicycle lanes. Sharable bicycle to Jinzhou, after twists and turns, now the road ahead is slim.

In June of this year, we started trial operation and put 500 bicycles into operation. Over the past week, the average number of bikes per day is 6, which is very popular with the public.

On the night of putting 500 cars into operation, more than 20 taxis emerged from nowhere. They surrounded me and asked me Ha-ha-ha-ha. They even called the Letters and Visits Bureau to report on the spot. Soon after, I received a notice from the government to suspend operations, and no one gave me a specific reason for the suspension.

Actually, before putting the bicycle into use, I went to Jinzhou local road traffic and Transportation Bureau and City Administration Bureau to report, which has been unreasonable. I said that I would like to do vehicle operation in Jinzhou, asking about the specific mode of operation, the number of cars and other issues, both departments said that no one was responsible for this.

Before receiving the suspension notice, the factory had already delivered the goods. I found a warehouse in the outskirts of Jinzhou and planned to put the car in it until the government allowed it to be put in again. Unexpectedly, the bicycle had just arrived at the warehouse and was surrounded by the big taxi brother who was rushed by the news.

This time, more than one hundred taxis came. More than one hundred people surrounded the truck with taxis and we were unloading the truck. No one could move and the car could not move. I explained that the car was only put here, not intended to be put in. They did not listen, cursing and shouting Where to come and where to go.

Taxis in Jinzhou have always been strong. Some drivers have been threatening to start without pulling away, while others have shouted throw some of you (operation and maintenance personnel) into the river. When the police came to maintain order on the spot, they scolded us in front of the police.

In a small city like Jinzhou, peoples travel and lifestyle are relatively fixed. The taxi drivers here are generally older, they are about forty or fifty years old. On the one hand, their acceptance of new things is not high. On the other hand, driving a taxi may be the work they depend on for survival, so they pay more attention to and are more vigilant against foreign things.

However, the average distance of sharing bicycles is between 1 and 2 kilometers, and the average distance of Hello users is 1.6 kilometers, which is quite different from that of taxi users.

The blocked driver was dispersed by the police, and the bicycle was pulled to the city management warehouse for temporary storage. I was also informed that the vehicle needed to be recycled and the business license needed to be processed. But when I prepared all the materials, the Supervisory Bureau refused to handle it, saying that the city meeting would not allow sharing bicycles to be licensed.

At the present stage, taxi drivers are very conflicting, so the company can only avoid conflicts as far as possible. But even if the operation is suspended, taxi drivers are hostile to sharing bicycles.

Some time ago, a taxi driver pulled a bicycle into a Hutong and smashed it. He was videotaped and put on the Internet by the citizens during the whole journey. Because it caused a lot of attention on the Internet, Jinzhou Public Security Bureau took the initiative to intervene and caught the person who smashed the car, detained for 15 days, and fined 1000 yuan. But up to now, we have not been able to contact this person, do not know his specific situation, the motive of smashing the car and so on.

At present, there is no uniform standard for the operation of shared bicycles. Different departments are responsible for different cities throughout the country. The competent units are different and the processes are different. The difficulty in Jinzhou is that users are loud, but legal channels are blocked - who is in charge? How to obtain legal status? Its all question marks.

Find the lost bus in the dunghill

After receiving the suspension notice, my job became to recycle vehicles.

In mid-June, my colleagues and I started recycling bicycles. The number of bicycles is small, and they are scattered in every corner of Jinzhou City, so it is difficult to find them. By July, 500 bicycles and 200 others were missing.

Operations and maintenance personnel found bicycles in the corridor

Generally, cars are hidden in corridors, personal garages, basements and even homes. The most common scenario is that our five operations and maintenance personnel turn over every floor of a small area. Sometimes we can find one or two cars, but in most cases, none of them can be found.

Some time ago, I went to the location of a lost vehicle to find a car. I ran all over the floors and could not find it. When I clicked on the bell, I heard a faint noise. Follow the voice, at the home of a family on the fourth floor.

After a long knock, a girl opened the door and the bicycle was placed in the living room as soon as it entered. The district is an old one without elevators. She carried it from the first floor to the fourth floor. She told me that she was studying in college because there were so few cars outside that she would carry them to her home for her own use for fear of being ridden away.

I often see people riding unlocked cars on the road, but whenever we ask, Where did this car find, why did it not have a lock, the other side will reply pick it up.

I was collecting my bicycle one evening when I found a 20-year-old man riding an unlocked bicycle. I showed him the identity of the staff. He said that the bicycle was picked up, If you want it, youll get it. He put it down and ran away. The bicycle was unlocked and the two-dimensional code was cut out. It was obviously privately owned. No wonder he had to run.

Some private occupants will apologize and cooperate with the return of the car, but the daily operation and maintenance also often encounter some unreasonable people who will not return the car if you say so.

On one occasion, we found a bicycle with a positioning display nearby, which had not been found for a long time, so we contacted the last cyclist to ask for the location. The user says just let it go and hangs up. Ultimately, we found the bike in the users garage, but he said, This bike is from me. Ill ride it tomorrow. You cant take it away. Its really annoying that the embezzlement refused to return the car, but I couldnt help it. I had to call the police.

Compared with cities, most of the locks that can be found in the surrounding villages and towns are thrown onto the roof, and the lost bikes have long disappeared.

In July, I went to the suburbs to find a car. The background showed that there were two cars in the village. I went around the village and did not find them, so I went door to door to ask. Eventually, a villager who had seen a bicycle was found, and he was impressed that the locks had been broken. A dramatic scene came. Just as we were about to leave the village, our colleagues went to the villagershouse to borrow the toilet. As a result, two car locks were found in the dung pit.

Eventually, at 40 degrees, we hooked the lock out of the dunghill. Is this successful recycling?

Even if I said the car was in good condition, most of the seats and locks had been damaged. Seats are scratched with knives, holes are made in them, and letters are engraved with knives. To be honest, I dont particularly understand: if you put a car here, you can choose to ride it or not. Why do you take tools to destroy it?

I dont think destruction has anything to do with a few cities. When I was in Shenyang for operation and maintenance, there was no difference between the destruction and Jinzhou, a fourth-tier city. Every city had high-quality and low-quality people, who formed the good and bad side of the city.

The bad side, of course, includes the misunderstanding or resistance of taxi drivers to sharing bicycles. The public transport system of the 4th and 5th-tier cities is less developed than that of the big cities. Citizens mainly rely on private cars, motorcycles or electric cars for their travel. Sharing bicycles in small cities like Jinzhou only provides an option for their travel.

Without sharing bicycles, Jinzhous traffic would not be so good, but after that, it would be more convenient for everyone, thats all.

Beyond Beijings Fifth Ring Road: I found 11 cars in eight buildings.

Narrator: Zhou Lei, from Hebei Province, has worked in Changping District of Beijing for one year.

I didnt expect to face so many human evils in bicycle operation and maintenance, but my last job was a used car, and I saw a lot, so I wont have too much emotion.

There was a cook at the scene. The lock was next to her cooking pot. I asked her where the car came from. She said she didnt know. I asked again, and she began to scold. Later I found four damaged cars and two locks.

I was very angry, but more angry, when I was ready to go, a worker came back with a big swing on an unlocked bicycle. It was lunchtime, and soon came back to a man who was riding the same bicycle as before, so I stopped him.

I showed him my certificate and wanted to take the car. He said, This cant prove your identity, and refused to return the car. I was so angry that my stomach ached that I called the police directly. Then the police took us to the police station to make a record. He was detained for several days.

100 yuan for three cars

There are many cases of privatization in such places as construction sites, but the essence is only to take advantage of them. Ive seen the worse nature is to resell bicycles.

In May, there was an abnormal situation in the background. More than 100 cars in Beijing were located in Langfang, Hebei Province. Super-zone phenomenon is very common. Generally, vehicles are scattered, but this time they gathered in a place in Langfang, which is very strange.

We found Langfang and found someone riding a damaged car. The man said he had six cars. He bought three for 100 yuan. There were about one hundred cars in the place where he bought them. He refused to return the car to us because he paid for it.

According to the clue of the car buyer, we found the place to sell the car.

It was a suburban village on the border of Langfang and Beijing. More than 100 bicycles were discharged into the courtyard of an ordinary peasant household. The locks were all sawn off. When we were ready to go in, some people just bought a car and were pushing it out. Colleagues recorded videos on their mobile phones to avoid conflicting situations. But three people were buying and selling in the yard. One of them hit his video phone directly on the ground.

I dont think anybody wants it, so I take it home and ride it by myself. Ive been riding for so long without anybody asking me for it. Thats what someone else lost. Thats what I asked for. Thats mine. The car salesman was sophisticated and picked it up by the roadside. In the course of our negotiation, the other side had a very tough attitude, and we had to call the police after criticizing several colleagues.

Malicious private occupation or even business is a rare occurrence. In most cases, private occupation occurs among ordinary users. It usually locks privately, tears off or scratches two-dimensional codes, and becomes a self-use bicycle.

In August 2018, the system showed that there were more than 20 cars lost in Fangshan District. I had not found them for a long time. Eventually, after climbing eight 33-storey buildings, I found 11 lost bikes, all of which were equipped with private locks without exception.

Earlier, I found one or two hundred bicycles scratched in Fangshan. While changing, a man in a subway overalls quickly opened a bicycle and rode away. Then several people came out and said, This is mine, this is yours. I just walked over to the car and opened it all. I asked one of them how you drove it when the number was broken. The other said you had memorized it.

My colleagues and I found that these people live three kilometers away from here, get up early and dont have a car, and they own shared bicycles. There are more than 300 bicycles in this batch, and almost all the two-dimensional codes have been destroyed by them. I went to the neighborhood where they lived, and basically no car had a two-dimensional code. Later, the company sent more people to patrol uninterruptedly for a week before it changed.

Goodbye has been dismembered

Not to mention the whole car, but also the spare parts.

A month ago, I saw a man riding a mountain bike on the road with a very familiar seat. Its the traffic light intersection. Ill take a closer look at it. The back seat of the mountain bike says Hello Bicycle.

Last year when I went to Qinhuangdao on vacation, I saw more exaggerated scenes. On the beach stood a row of four pedaling cruisers, all of which had seats for our bicycles.

There is another reason for self-use, but the most unbearable is malicious destruction, such as cutting all the chains of forty or fifty neatly arranged cars, or scratching the seats.

Once on my way home, I found a car lying in the grass. The grass fence was very high. It was very hard for a big man to lift it out. Unexpectedly, on the way home the next day, a car was lying there again. I was the same car as the one in the grass the day before.

I was shocked because the car in front of me had been dismembered, the front and rear wheels, the seat and brakes of the car had been disintegrated and placed on the grass. I could only curse in my heart. Some parts of shared bicycle are special tools, such as anti-theft screw. If there is no special tool, disassembly can only be violent disassembly. The repair of this car is basically equivalent to the replacement of all parts.

Artificial damage has become the biggest factor in the loss of bicycles. Take the seats for example, about seven of the 100 vehicles that are returned to the warehouse for maintenance every day have no seats.

Background data show that there are more violations outside the Fifth Ring than within the Fifth Ring, which may be related to the residential groups inside and outside the Fifth Ring. The vast majority of the malicious incidents we encounter are migrant workers living outside the Fifth Ring Road and suburbs, who are more or less facing the plight of life.

But now, the police station will take the initiative to intervene in the management of bicycle violations, which has more or less deterred the malicious destruction. The phenomenon of bicycle damage that I am responsible for is obviously less. Everyone thanks the staff of the police station very much.


Unlike the simple subsidy struggle in first-tier cities, sharing bicycles is telling a tortuous and beautiful story in a broader sinking market: sharing travel lifestyle will benefit more counties and villages.

But at least for now, the lack of policy and the exclusion of some groups are still hampering the ultimate landing of shared travel. Operations and maintenance personnel still have to face all kinds of moral breakthroughs and even illegal acts of malicious destruction. Their goodwill and tolerance deserve more respect.

Tiger Sniff Note: The illustrations are provided by the respondents. At the request of the respondents, Wang Hong, Li Hai and Zhou Lei are aliased names.

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