Guoan, dont forget to sign me back!

 Guoan, dont forget to sign me back!

The champions dream is shattered, and no one in the capital is crying. Its a big deal to come back next year.

Martin Jr. died at 2:00 a.m., but there were also Guoan fans, just to mourn the former city football heroes.

Martin Jr. is an authentic Peking Man - everywhere he goes, he laughs hilariously and is everyones happy heart anytime and anywhere.

Hey, Martin! With a loud shout, Martin smiled at the source of the sound with his big white teeth, and extended his right thumb to Bizan. This kind of cordiality is the paradigm of the old and young people walking around and greeting in Beijing.

After many years, Martins return to Beijing is still clearly remembered: Every game there are many people shouting, Martinez, you are the best! I remember all this.

During the first time playing for Guoan, the teammates thought Martin Jr. was good everywhere, but he could not play with everyone at all - he was too stingy! __________ It is said that Martin Jr. is responsible for supporting his father-in-law and mother-in-law in addition to his family. On weekdays, his teammates asked him to have fun, but Martin Jr. refused. When he returned to China for the national team competition, he always left his wife in Beijing in order to save the round-trip ticket money.

In this regard, teammates directly gave him a bunch of nicknames: Grandet, miser...

Another story is unknown. Fan Kunzhao, a translator of Guoan at that time, had a good relationship with Xiao Martin. Xiao Fan was from Songpan, Sichuan Province. His hometown was close to Wenchuan and Maoxian counties. Xiao Fan was anxious every minute and every second after the Wenchuan earthquake. Little Martin knew the situation, during that period, he often gave his arms to Xiao Fan, and gave Xiao Fan a lot of exquisite enlightenment.

After playing in Beijing Guoan for the 2007 and 2008 seasons, Martin Jr. chose to leave Guoan on his own initiative. The reason is simple. He wants to follow Honduras to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Martin Jr. did not get much chance to move to West Alawis. After three appearances in half a season, Martin Jr. returned to play in his home league and eventually was lucky to catch the last train from Honduras to South Africa.

Few people pay attention to Hondurasperformance in the World Cup, but in South Africa in 2010, Martin Jr. shouted at the footage of Chinese journalists: Beijing Guoan! Come on! Its like greeting fans on the streets of Beijing, knowing that he had been away from China for nearly two years.

Unfortunately, in the second year of Martins departure from Guoan in Beijing, Guoan in Beijing won the championship of the Chinese Super League. In the celebration of the Royal Forest Army to the sea, only Martin, the most patriotic, was missing.

After the World Cup in South Africa, the Guoan dressing room in Beijing suddenly became busy. Everyone was asking questions. Everyone was answering, I heard hes back, but I havent seen anyone yet. No domestic player will want to meet again when the general foreign aid leaves the team, but everyone cant wait for Martin Jrs return.

He is such a simple man. How good do you think he is? There are no specific cases at all. In trivial days, we all have deep feelings for him.

After signing the return contract with Guoan, the general manager of Guoan in Beijing revealed that he had a very happy time in Beijing before, so he must go back to Guoan. Martin Jr. didnt want to ignore any media interviews. The first thing I want to look for is Xiaochuang (Yan Xianchuang)!

During his two-year absence from China, he has been concerned about Guoan: Now, in addition to a few foreign aid, almost all of them are my original teammates. They are very familiar with each other. During my two-year absence, I often talked to them by telephone to understand the situation of Guoan.

How much does Martin love Beijing? Its a difficult experience to go through West B and Honduras. There are no Dongzhimen Bar Street, no Sanlitun Bar and no enthusiastic fans. Ive got used to life in Beijing, and Ill miss it even when I get back to my motherland. As soon as it was settled in Beijing, Martin Jr. enjoyed a long-lost Chinese cuisine with his friends.

Martin Jr. returned to Guoan to leave the best memories for the fans in Beijing, which took place in the away game against Chengdu Sheffield United. In the sixth round of the 2011 Chinese Super League season, Chengdu Sheffield United hosted Guoan in Beijing. In the 75th minute of the campaign, Martin Jr. scored with a golden hook upside down from his teammates side pass. As he watched his thunder flatten, teammate Joel ran to Martin Jr. and knelt on his knees, spreading his hands flat in worship of Martin Jr.

Well, I admit Im still very excited. At that time, Dages ball passed very comfortably, and I didnt even think about how to deal with it. Naturally, I made a move. I would like to see the goal replay immediately, the best goal in the Super League? I hope so. Talking about the goal after the game, Martin Jr. was eager to dance.

In engineering, I always try my best to do my best, I work hard to play football, the fans here also give me the greatest recognition. This is a parting comment Martin Jr. left to himself at work.

The most unforgettable thing for me is the end of everything and the time to leave. All the fans know Im leaving. Leave Guoan, leave this city. But as I often say, this is life, and this is the life we have to face as foreign aid.

That year at Capital International Airport, Martin Jr. was crying with the fans who came to see him off.

I felt like it was yesterday to leave Guoan. I scored many goals here. I remember the fans shouting my name here.

Everyone who has really loved deeply knows that true love is never faced again after love has passed away. Four years after leaving Guoan, he returned to Beijing. When a journalist suggested that he go to Sanlitun again, Martin Jr. promised immediately. As soon as he turned around, he sent a message to the journalist:

Im sorry I cant go back to Sanlitun, where I used to know the most. There are too many memories of my life there. Back here, my mood is too complicated.

I ended my relationship with Guoan like ending a love affair.

I hope that if my children like football, they can come to China and play for national security just like me. For me, I will never forget China. Thats not what Martin Jr. really said. He left China for many years. He was a big man.

The son grew much taller. Martin Jr. also shared his sons appearance in Guoan No. 15 on social media.

After leaving Guoan and China, Martin Jr. did not make much progress in his career. After retirement, he once worked as a porter in a hotel. Guoan fans recognized him when they traveled to the United States and made the matter known to the public.

This year, however, Martin Jr., who had to return to China to play football, failed to start a new journey.

His last time in the world was set at 2019.08.12.

As you said a few years ago, this is probably the last time you came to work.

You said you would come back.