Changan Twelve Hours is over, forget the rivers and lakes, perhaps the best arrangement!

 Changan Twelve Hours is over, forget the rivers and lakes, perhaps the best arrangement!

The old gunny bag in Wenguo

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Many people say that the ending is too hasty. Indeed, there are many pits in the play that are dug too late to fill.

For example: Why did the Embassy of Xiao Bolu choose Anyefang? Who has the power to make such a choice? If all this is done by Xu Bin alone, how can he mediate so many levels and so many things with an unmanned household minister?

For example, why did Yongwang kill Dalun? At that time, the Embassy of Little Bolu was able to complete, but Yongwang played a great role. Was Yongwang involved in this incident?

Looking at the end, I can affirm that Longbo wanted to kill saints for revenge of the eighth regiment, and maybe even for the corroded Tang Dynasty. When the sage said that he wanted to be a good emperor, Longbo saved the saint at the risk of his life. Just for this sentence, he shook his heart of revenge. It can be seen that the latter reason stands even more. It holds water.

Lets talk about Zhang Xiaojing, and finally Xu Bins remarks. Zhang Xiaojing was indifferent. He even wanted to kill Xu Bin. Please, Lao Zhang. But in order to let you live, he worked hard without merit. Even if Xu Bin said that he didnt care about the death of the people, Zhang Xiaojing shouldnt feel that Xu Bin was absolutely disgusting. People, everyone can feel it, but Zhang Xiaojing cant.

At the end of TV, it is natural that Shengshang was saved, Zhang Xiaojing was pardoned as a prisoner of death, the prince was spared the disaster of prison, and the right meeting paid the price of blood for what he did. Although it is not stated clearly, the historical stakes are there. We all know a little about the future. The Anshi Rebellion will be a big one in the near future. Tang disaster, Anlu Mountain mutiny, Yang Yuhuan killed himself in Maweipo, Prince ascended the throne...

Finally, I thought sandalwood chess could fly with Zhang Xiaojing, but I didnt realize that they were still unable to be together in the end. This is probably the most beautiful accident. One day, I met someone I can never forget in my life. I said that love at first sight is too narrow. These two people are divine friendship.

Li Bi, who wanted to help the prince ascend the throne, abandoned his future position as prime minister and lived in seclusion in the mountains. He wanted to find a place of seclusion and quiet self-cultivation, and then went down when he no longer had a desire for power and had a thorough knowledge of the world.

The end is almost hasty, because there are too many mysteries not solved, the most important source of Sassanian gold coins, we can not know, we only know that the so-called wealth and power, but the picture is quick, only the heart of justice, to achieve the right results.

Li Bi, Zhang Xiaojing and Tanqi have their own places to go and forget each other. Perhaps this is life. There is no gain, only love and beauty.