Jay Chou: For the celebration of Kunlings birth, love, sweet picture blindness Xiao Jingtengs eyes

 Jay Chou: For the celebration of Kunlings birth, love, sweet picture blindness Xiao Jingtengs eyes


Recently, Kunling filmed a new film in Malaysia for work reasons. In my spare time, I also share behind-the-scenes stories on my social platform. What story? Kunling was injured in the shoot. The uploaded picture shows that the left palm is bandaged, although the injury can not be seen. Feeling a little serious, its painful. The text is: Havetogethurt before you can get tronger.

Under this picture, I only said one word with Jay Chou: Kunling said to bring me a cup. Kunling then sun out a group of photos, two people began to drink milk tea happily. What the hell is going on here? Netizens began to comment: In a word, Jay Chou appeared in Kunling in a few hours. This sentence is just because Kunling wants to drink milk tea and let Jay Chou bring it over. Its not too difficult to fly around.


It can be seen that Jay Chou dotes on Kunling to the extent that she dotes on the little princess. Thats good. A man who loves his wife has a future. No, Kunlings birthday is here. As husband, Jay Chou, of course, should celebrate well. How did he do it?

In the early morning of the 13th, Jay Chou sunned a birthday photo on the social platform and wrote the following words: Happy Birthday Tomy Swetie. Happy Wife happylife. Kunling also responded sweetly: Thank you for preparing a paring suchant unforgettable day form. (Thank you for preparing such an unforgettable birthday for me)

In the photo, two people hold a platinum cake together. Sweet kiss, really envy others.

Jay Chou gives us the impression that he always likes to play cool and talks little. However, great changes have taken place after marriage. It seems that who to marry is very important. Even, it can change your whole life. No, even Xiao Jingteng couldnt help answering, Im already in the cornea of the row hospital. No way, the sweet picture blinded his eyes directly. Xiao Jingtengs humorous interaction is absolutely Gods assistant.

Anyway, happy birthday to Kunling. With Jay Chou, lets be happy like this. Continue to flash, flash!