The God said, If I dont have a girlfriend, I will chase you. Why?

 The God said, If I dont have a girlfriend, I will chase you. Why?

David was stunned. He smiled and answered, If I dont have a girlfriend, Ill chase you. It was a bolt from the blue.

He didnt say anything more, and he hasnt changed much in recent days. What does he mean? What should I do?

I have not always advocated that girls take the initiative to show their love, although women chase mens gauze, men chase women separated mountains. Girlsattitudes are easier to capture. The key is boys. Its hard for you to know his inner thoughts. Moreover, its dangerous for women to chase men - the danger is that they may say and do impulsive things after emotions overcome reason. The boys answer has three meanings:


I have a girlfriend, so let go. Its no problem to be a colleague.

He has a girlfriend, that is to say, politely refuse you. But instead, you think: He has a girlfriend, why hide so deep? Okay, lets assume he has a girlfriend, but its not really important to put a girlfriend in a position. Even, you dont want to let people know about your girlfriend.

The second:

He doesnt have a girlfriend, he just doesnt like you. Find an excuse to dismiss you.

He has no girlfriend, but he has no interest in you. What should I do? Just move out of such a non-existent girlfriend and let you withdraw automatically and consciously. (Wen/Piaoyutong) Basically, other people have their own names and grasses, and you should not be entangled here. Woman, good posture.


Do you mind if I have a girlfriend? If you dont mind, you can still develop.

This is the worst. He has already eaten you quietly. You know, you will show your love on your own initiative. Its not clear whether he has a girlfriend or not, but youre the one he cant call and linger on. Some girls are so silly that they dont mind being a third party.


I dont think you should think about it any more. Whether the God has a girlfriend or not, I dont think you should have too much emotional entanglement with him. First, its office romance. If it doesnt work well, youll lose your job. Second, you are a girl. Men can afford to toss, but you are too emotional and easy to get hurt. Make a living first, then love. This god, at most, is a noble person in your career. Not your lover. Or, give yourself some time. Over time, your passion for love will fade. Just be it. He has a girlfriend. Bless him. Would it be better for you?