Should a workplace romance break down when you secretly love a beautiful colleague who is three years old?

 Should a workplace romance break down when you secretly love a beautiful colleague who is three years old?

You dont look very well, are you uncomfortable? Fang Ling looked up and saw Zeng Cheng, an engineer in the technical department. This big boy, who is 3 years younger than her, has a sunny face. Everyone plays together in ordinary times. Zeng Cheng is always the most lively one. I didnt expect that he should notice his face carefully today. Fang Ling was touched and told him in a low voice that her stomach ached a little. He nodded and went downstairs.

In a twinkling of an eye, National Day is approaching and Fang Ling intends to take a good rest after a 7-day long vacation. She browsed the news on the Internet and looked up the news of tours all over the country. Suddenly her heart was moved: I remember that I wanted to go to Guilin and Yangshuo, which are famous all over the world, when I went to college. Why not go this time? I decided that she would book a flight to Guilin the next day.

In the evening, when she was packing her luggage, Fang Ling found that she hadnt turned on her cell phone all day. No sooner had it started than a dozen unread messages flashed. Opening one by one, they were all sent by Zeng Chengfa. Starting at 9 a.m., almost every half hour, the content was the same: How are you today? What are you doing? Fang Ling quickly sent him a greeting text message, telling him that she planned to go to Guilin the next day. Quickly received his advice: Have a good trip and have a good time.

At noon the next day, Fang Ling just entered the airport terminal, and suddenly found a familiar figure, God, Zeng Cheng! Zeng Cheng soon found Fang Ling and walked towards her.

In order to solve Fang Lings doubts, Zeng Cheng took the initiative to explain that when he learned about Fang Lings itinerary, he felt that it was not safe for a girl to go out alone. Just as he thought of Guilins a world of mountains and rivers, he took the liberty to want to be her companion. Although some of this disrupted Fang Lings plan, she felt that it was good for a boy to take care of each other along the way. She was dismayed and at the same time embraced the reality.

Fang Ling and Zeng Cheng arrived in Guilin together, found a hotel to settle down, and booked a ticket for the next morning from the Lijiang River to Yangshuo.

The next day, they arrived at Mopanshan Pier on time by bus and boarded a luxury cruise ship. The sailing time is 5 hours, which is said to be the best part of Guilin Scenery. Fang Ling leaned on the bow of the boat and watched the beautiful scenery flying by on both sides. The accumulated pressure was unconsciously relieved. With tourists shouting Jiuma Painting Mountain, a huge flat rock wall appeared at the corner ahead, which really looked like several horses in different shapes. Fang Ling couldnt help wondering secretly.

Without waiting for Fang Ling to open her mouth, Zeng Cheng quickly helped her find a good position and took several photos. In the scenery of mountains and rivers full of eyes, they chatted without saying a word. Perhaps the natural environment is more open-minded than the noisy city. Fang Ling talked about her failed love, her dream of wanting to travel around by herself, and her struggle experience and future plans.

More than two oclock in the afternoon to Yangshuo. Fang Lings heart calmed down as soon as she stepped on the long-awaited bluestone road. They found a hotel and went back to their rooms to rest. At five oclock, Fang Ling changed her clothes and planned to go out for food. As soon as I left the hotel door, Zeng Cheng smiled at her with a sunny face. I was afraid of disturbing you, so I didnt call the station to wait here. How about we go shopping?

There are many bars with different styles on the West Street. It is just when the lights are coming on, a classical street lamp lights up a gloomy red light. Fang Ling and Zeng Cheng came to a light bar. Fang Ling ordered a fruit pizza, Zeng Cheng ordered a black pepper steak and ordered mashed potatoes and apple pie for Fang Ling. The candlelight flickered on the table, and the jazz music loomed low and low. Fang Ling felt that Zengs sincere eyes often perched on her face affectionately, burning her face like iron. So Fang Ling talked about music, trying to break this awkward.

Late, Fang Ling patted Zeng Cheng on the shoulder and said, Lets go back! Zeng Cheng grabbed the girls hand and said nervously, What would you do if I told you I liked you?

Fang Ling was confused by his words. In her unit, Fang Ling always regarded Zeng Chengcheng as a colleagues younger brother, and her imaginary boyfriend was by no means a boy like him. Besides, they dont know each other very well, and they dont want to get into a relationship so quickly. Fang Lings head turned so fast that she finally thought of a sentence that made both sides feel comfortable: Its normal that we can become good friends if we appreciate and like each other. Zeng Cheng seemed to want to say something, but hesitated and swallowed it back.

Before going out, Fang Ling forgot to take her coat and just wanted to go back to her seat. The waitress had taken it and handed it to Zeng Cheng: Sir, your girlfriends clothes. Fang Ling blushed for a moment and peeped at him. Zeng Chengs face flashed a trace of surprise, but she could not hide her joy.

Happy holidays are over, and everything starts again, as usual, from nine to five. However, this trip to Yangshuo became a secret matter between Fang Ling and Zeng Cheng, and they seemed to know more than other colleagues. But somehow, when a group of single men and women reunited for dinner and fun, they were not as lively as they used to be. They hid their minds in their eyebrows. Sometimes they looked at Fang Ling, and he always hid in a panic.


A month later, Fang Ling finally successfully completed a project plan and decided to relax for two days at the weekend. When I was about to leave the office, I received a text message from Zeng Cheng: Please go to the goldfish bowl to eat boiled fish and celebrate it!

Halfway through the meal, Zeng Cheng pulled out a beautiful box from her pocket and motioned Fang Ling to open it. Inside is a delicate ancient Silk scarf. Zeng Cheng said in some confusion, In fact, I liked you very early. I hope you will be my girlfriend, OK? His words confirmed Fang Lings guess. She looked at Zeng Chengs eyes with clear and firm eyes, but her long-term love with her ex-boyfriend led to the conclusion that it was inappropriate, let alone her short relationship with Zeng Cheng.

Zeng Chengs plan made Fang Ling very excited, because camping in the field was a dream in her heart, and she promised Zeng Chengs invitation.

Early the next morning, Zeng Cheng rented an off-road car, picked up Shangling and her companion, and rushed to his long-cherished destination, Miyun, where there were hills and lakes.

Along the way, Fang Ling was thrilled. When she got off the bus, Zeng Cheng was in charge of setting up tents. Fang Ling and her companion were running around in high spirits to pick unknown flowers and float stones into the lake. They were happy like children.

I really dont know when I came to Fang Ling. Im too busy at work and I dont have holidays to go to places like Yangshuo to relax frequently. So I thought about taking you out to camp. I can enjoy the rest in nature on weekends in Beijing. If you like, I can always accompany you... Zeng Chengs eyes were full of smiles.

At noon, Zeng Cheng prepared a barbecue in the field. Watching him skillfully remove the barbecue oven from the car and set it on fire, he juggled out shelves, plugs, brushes, kebabs, ham, eggplant... Fang Ling and her girlfriend were amazed again and again. Having eaten a rich barbecue, they fished together as the main course of the evening. Zeng Cheng said, You look very radiant today. It seems that you are the same as the reserved and professional girl I see everyday. Her girlfriend also said, Yes, it seems that you have never laughed so happily. Fang Ling looked at Zeng Cheng and smiled gratefully at him.

When the sky is covered with stars like a curtain, everyone talks about the world and the world. Finally, they slipped into their sleeping bags and fell asleep with the murmur of insects. Fang Ling felt the pressure of work and the disturbance of life fade away. This camping once again brought Fang Ling and Zeng Cheng closer.

On the next working day, Fang Lings changes surprised colleagues around her: You have become more energetic today, and people are much more cheerful and lively than before. Faced with everyones admiration, Fang Ling understands that all this is due to Zeng Chengs excellent decompression method. And then many nights, Zeng Chengs face always flashed in front of Fang Ling, his sunny smile, his care and consideration, his interesting arrangement, his eyes, let her heart beat faster. She cant help asking herself: Are you really in love?

On New Years Day that year, Zeng Cheng drove off-road vehicles and took Fang Ling to Hulun Buir prairie. Although the green grass has turned yellow and cattle and sheep are rare, Fang Ling is still intoxicated with the grandeur of the sky, the vast wilderness. She cant help shouting and cheering. She once sincerely held her shoulder and shouted. She suddenly realized that she had put her hand down again. Fang Ling took the opportunity to hold his hand. Zeng Cheng said nervously, I want to tell you a secret! In fact, I like you long ago, but I dare not confess. That trip to Yangshuo and the camping afterwards, why I was so skilled, I did a lot of homework in secret, in order to approach you voluntarily.

You dont have to say anything more. Fang Ling blushed. I promised to be your girlfriend. Zeng asked in surprise, Dont you hesitate any more? Fang Ling understood that he was referring to what she had said was appropriate or inappropriate. Fang Ling said profoundly, Didnt Mark Twain say that if you want to know whether you are happy or painful with a person, you can travel with him. There is no more reliable way than this!

They embraced each other happily...

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