Meisheng China Colony has been mentioned. What dare the Hawks say?

 Meisheng China Colony has been mentioned. What dare the Hawks say?

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 12 (Xinhua) The United States will become a Chinese colony, China seeks to subvert Western democracies, China is on its way to global hegemony... For some time now, some hawkish politicians in the United States seem to have suffered from delusions and have intensified their advocacy of the China Threat, using absurd words and mean intentions.

These extreme remarks poison Sino-US relations and damage the interests of the United States itself. The international community, including the American people, should be vigilant against the performance of hawkish forces.

These hawkish politicians use the social discontent caused by domestic problems in the United States to incite public opinion and divert their attention by creating external enemies. They used intimidation tactics in an attempt to convince Americans that the danger of Chinas control of the United States is at hand. Only by following them and using all national tools can they deal with this so-called threat.

It is not new in American history to exaggerate external threats and create social panic. McCarthyism, which was rampant for a time in the 1950s, created fear and injustice by exaggerating facts and framing libels, causing serious tear in American society, which is still fresh in our memory.

McCarthyism has long been notorious, but this inertia of creating extreme politics has not been eradicated in the minds of some Americans. These politicians are so distorted that they do not seem to create enemies and exaggerate their opponentsthreats that they are not living down to earth. In order to create enemies, they spare no effort to lie and cheat.

David Skidmore, a professor of political science at Drake University, believes that cyclical intimidation has made some costly mistakes in American foreign policy, such as excessive nuclear weapons construction during the cold war and disastrous wars in Vietnam and Iraq. He pointed out that such inertia was more related to domestic politics than to the reality of international competition.

Vice President Burns

Behind the hawkish politiciansincitement to fear, there are deep-rooted hegemonism and zero-sum thinking. They attempt to subvert the trend of American policy toward China, which has been formed for many years, to suppress China and hinder the pace of Chinas development by inciting fear and enhancing the influence of their political ideas.

Incitement to fear is a lucrative business for hawkish politicians. Trafficking in Chinas panic and hostility can win them political capital, can also be used as an excuse for dramatic increases in military expenditure and other actions, and bring huge business opportunities to the military industry groups behind them. In a word, demonizing China is good for these politicians.

Bolton, Assistant National Security Officer to the President of the United States

The fear and hostility of trafficking to China is hurting the United States itself. The obstruction of academic freedom and the deterioration of business environment are playing out in American society. The values of freedom and democracy, which Americans have always advocated, are being abducted by extreme politics, which can be said to be harmful to the people.

Xie Shuli, former assistant secretary of state, said that the overreaction to China could turn into a McCarthyist red panic and harm the interests of the United States. This phenomenon is taking us down the cliff. A hundred American experts, scholars and politicians and businessmen published an open letter entitled China is not an enemy in early July, reflecting the dissatisfaction and anxiety of the anti-China movement in the United States.

The Chinese nation has a deep tradition of peace. Today, the image of a peace-loving and win-win cooperative responsible power is gaining popularity in China. Dong Yunchang, former acting assistant secretary of state of the United States, said: Chinas participation in the global economy also benefits the United States and even global economic growth and development. It is in the interests of all countries, especially the United States, as a global leader, to strive to integrate Chinas future into our future.

It is difficult for hawkish politicians to change the fact that China and the United States have been deeply integrated in various fields and to block the trend of world economic integration. We should heighten our vigilance and curb the possible harm they may cause by jumping up and down so as to prevent further harm to Sino-US relations and damage to the international order. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Zheng Hangen)

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026