Xinyi Zhang left home early in the morning.

 Xinyi Zhang left home early in the morning.

Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi

Netease Entertainment reported on August 13 that on the morning of August 13, Zhang Xin posted a picture of her son sitting alone at home on her micro-blog and said that she left home early to start work, but her son burst into tears after he left: Get up at 6 a.m. to pack up and prepare to leave for the airport to catch the first flight back to Beijing. My son opened his eyes and sat up when he heard my movements. After changing his urine, I held him in his arms and said that his mother had a very important job today and had to leave him for two days, so that he would have to stay at home with his grandparents and wait for me to come back. He looked at me sleepily and finished saying this. Suddenly he opened his mouth and gave me a hard laugh and squeezed his eyes. Maybe I didnt understand him. I thought I was talking to him everyday. When I went out, I said goodbye to my son. He smiled at me again. I thought it was okay. I didnt get on the bus for 10 minutes when I got on the bus. This is the backlash.

In this regard, many office workers treasure mother deeply feel the same feeling, have comments in the comments area: as the office of the treasure mother, every morning will be staged a farewell drama, sometimes do not know whether a child can not be separated from a mother or a mother can not be separated from children, there are fans quipped: pig call? Haha, this is my mother.

Source: NetEase Entertainment Responsible Editor: Li Si_NBJ11322