Anshuai called to invite Inter Milan to join us on the 9th of Abandoned. Rome has lost 9 million Euros per year.

 Anshuai called to invite Inter Milan to join us on the 9th of Abandoned. Rome has lost 9 million Euros per year.

Juve, Napoli and Roma are all interested in Icardi, but Inter firmly refuse to sell their players to rival Juve unless the other side offers more than 100 million euros in cash. However, Juventus failed to peddle Dibala before and did not have enough funds. At present, Icardis chances of joining Juve are slim, and he has to consider other options.

According to Sport Roma, Napoli coach Carlo Ancelotti has personally telephoned Icardi to persuade him to choose to join Napoli. Carlo Ancelotti personally explained to Icardy on the phone how he would use him and stressed his importance to the team. Nevertheless, Naples still needs to meet Ikardis salary requirements. His wife and broker, Wanda Narrasso, asks for an annual salary of 8 million euros, which Naples is still unable to meet.

Roma, by contrast, offered a more attractive offer, offering an annual salary and bonus of 9 million euros, to attract Ikardi. But Romas disadvantage is that this season they have no chance of playing in the Champions League and can only play in the Europa League.

After signing Lukaku, Inter coach Conti also hopes to bring in Roma centre-forward Dzeko, who had previously asked for 20 million euros, and now Roma has offered Dzekoga 30 million euros for Ikardi. However, Inter believe that the offer is too low. Roma need to pay at least 45 million euros plus Dzeko in order to get Icardi.

In addition, a number of clubs outside Serie A have begun contacting Ikardi. Reporter Claudia Garcia revealed that if Neymar leaves this summer, Paris Saint Germain is interested in signing Icardi, Paris Sports Director Leonardo has begun contacting Icardi. In addition, Monaco, another French First Division team, is also interested in Icardy. Although Icardi and Wanda Nora are preferred to stay in Serie A, if there is no suitable place in Serie A, maybe they will also consider going to other leagues.

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