Li Na: When I was a child, I had no choice. My father died and grew up overnight.

 Li Na: When I was a child, I had no choice. My father died and grew up overnight.

The documentary begins with Li Na and Jiang Shan returning from Beijing to Wuhan with their two children, where they resumed their childhood training. The documentary also reveals for the first time the feelings of Li Na and her father, and Li Nas mother rarely appears in the camera to tell the story, which is a memory that Li Na has been reluctant to touch for many years. After her fathers death, Li Na, 16, grew up overnight and began playing basketball to support her family.

Li Nas father is a badminton player, and the father and daughter are very affectionate. During the period when Li Na was learning to play tennis, her father accompanied him to run every morning for two years. This is a very good way of education. It means a lot more than that. Many habits are learned and continued from their parents. Li Na said that after becoming a mother, many things should be shown to the children as an example. When I tell them that the things you choose can not be easily abandoned, if there is a case in front of them, they will feel that their mother is right to say so.

After retirement, Li Na became the mother of two children, and she often thought about how to get along with her children. Asked what to do when the child is naughty, Li Na laughed and said to herself, This is my own child!

Li Na said that every child will have a naughty side, but can not go beyond the bottom line set for them, I think a lot of time to listen to the voice of children, in fact, parents and children together, is also a friend relationship, not necessarily to listen to parents, children are also independent individuals.

Li Na said that when she was a child, she had no right to choose. She hoped that her children could choose their life freely. They can choose their own choices, but they must insist on it. In Li Nas plan, the children try to provide them with what they can satisfy before they are 18 years old, but when they are 18 years old, they are going to move out.

Asked if she would let her siblings take the tennis route in the future, Li Na said that if the children really have this talent, they and Jiang Shan would give their full support. But I absolutely will not be their coach, with this relationship (mother and son) in it, you will be more anxious than with other children, and the mentality will be different. Sample. For the sake of your own life, lets forget it.

Source: New Beijing Daily Responsible Editor: Cao Lie-e_NS1806