Men imitate swordsman movies to sit in the water under the waterfall and practice suspicion and death

 Men imitate swordsman movies to sit in the water under the waterfall and practice suspicion and death

A tragedy took place in the famous Malaysian scenic spot Rainbow Falls on November 11, local time. Xie Hanyang, a 31-year-old Chinese man, came to the waterfall to play with his friends on the same day. On a whim, he decided to imitate the classic bridge section in the martial arts film, meditate on the rocks under the waterfall, and then dive into the water to practice air-closure. Result Suspected coma due to choking water, died after medical treatment.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, Xie Hanyang and his friends arrived in Linming City on the evening of 10 local time. The next morning, around 9 oclock, they hitchhiked to the tourist attraction Rainbow Falls in Linming, Shuangxi. While playing in the water, Xie Hanyang suddenly had a whim. He wanted to imitate the monks in the swordsman movies. He went to a stone under the waterfall and sat on it for half an hour alone. He also felt that he was not addicted, so he jumped into Tanzhong, diving to practice breathing.

Four minutes later, Zeng Weijian, a 33-year-old friend, still did not see Xie Chaoyang get up. He felt uneasy in an instant. It was only at a close look that Xie Hanyang was unconscious. He was rushed to call several other tourists to join forces to lift him to the shore and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation in turn.

Xie Hanyang once opened his eyes and briefly recovered consciousness, but he died after being sent to a local hospital for rescue.

The scene of the incident happened to be inadvertently photographed by other tourists passing through the area. Once the video was released on social media, it attracted wide attention. Some netizens said that when you go out to play in water, safety first, you have not received professional training, and you must not imitate such dangerous actions.

According to the police, Xie Hanyang did not suffer any injuries, so he was excluded from the possibility of killing, and preliminary judgement was made that he was suspected of sudden choking of water. The exact cause of death should be determined by forensic autopsy.

Zeng Weijian disclosed that Xie Hanyang was a classmate of his university, because it was the Hazhi Festival holiday recently, so he made an appointment to visit here. Unexpectedly, on the first day of the trip, my friend was very sad because of the accident.

Xie Hanyang is very strong. He is a good athlete. He seldom gets sick and eats vegetarian food. I totally didnt expect him to die suddenly.

Rainbow Waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls in Malaysia. Because of the excellent angle between the splash of the waterfall and the sunlight shining into the valley, it produces a rainbow scene of the waterfall.

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