Girls grow double rows of teeth. Dont give babies too soft to eat.

 Girls grow double rows of teeth. Dont give babies too soft to eat.

In addition, the excessive nutrition supply will also cause the early development of the babys tooth germ, the deciduous teeth have not fallen off, but the permanent teeth have grown out. At the same time, childrens deciduous teeth also have caries, or even root lesions, leading to alveolar bone and root adhesion, so that the root of deciduous teeth are not absorbed or absorbed incompletely, resulting in deciduous teeth can not fall off in time.

How to prevent double row teeth? Experts advise parents to give their children more chewy and hard food. During the growth and development stage, parents should gradually give their children some moderately hard and tearable foods, such as apples, sugarcane, corn, peanuts and other chewy foods, so as to maintain a good stimulating effect on deciduous teeth and prompt deciduous teeth to fall off on time. Parents should cultivate their childrens good oral hygiene habits, give up the habit of drinking night milk as soon as possible, help supervise their children to brush their teeth carefully and floss before they are 6 years old, and also use dental care products appropriately. At the same time, control the intake of sweets, drink less sugary drinks, eat more vegetables and fruits and high fiber foods. Every three to six months, parents should take their children to a regular oral hospital or department for examination, timely detection of oral problems, early prevention or treatment.

If parents find that children have double rows of teeth in their mouth, they must take their children to a regular hospital for examination. The doctor checks to make sure that there are permanent tooth germs under the deciduous teeth or permanent teeth have erupted. In the case that the child is fit for tooth extraction, it is better to remove them as soon as possible.

Source: Geng Yiwen_NJ6040, responsible editor of Xian Evening News