Love tattoos and ear piercing may cause you to get hepatitis

 Love tattoos and ear piercing may cause you to get hepatitis

Director Zhang Wenhong pointed out that nowadays many young people like tattoos, not tattoos, but to go to regular shops. If the tools are not thoroughly disinfected, the risk of infection with hepatitis C or other diseases is high.

Now there are many direct antiviral drugs to choose from. According to the genotyping combination of the virus, hepatitis C virus can be eliminated in 8-12 weeks in general. Director Zhang Wenhong explained that hepatitis C patients in China are mainly genotype 1b. The latest international guidelines recommend genotyping before treatment to guide physicians in individualized and precise treatment of patients. Viral load, viral subtypes, drug resistance and other factors also need to be included in the pre-treatment planning.

How to find early treatment? Director Zhang Wenhong suggested that the following people should receive hepatitis C examination as soon as possible:

1. History of intravenous drug addiction

2. History of needle-stick injuries caused by occupational or other causes (including tattoos, perforations, acupuncture and moxibustion)

3. History of iatrogenic exposure, including surgery, dialysis, unclean oral procedures, organ or tissue transplantation

5. Sexual partners and family members of people infected with HCV

6. HIV Infected Persons and Sexual Partners

7. Blood contaminated persons with damaged skin and mucosa infected by HCV

8. Those who have blood transfusion or use blood products (mainly before 1993)

9. Blood donation before 1996

Source: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Geng Yiwen_NJ6040