Comment | Hongmeng will be the starting point for Chinas open source software to enter the world

 Comment | Hongmeng will be the starting point for Chinas open source software to enter the world

Android is an open source system based on the Linux kernel, the most important open source kernel in the world. Huawei executives stressed that migrating Android applications to Hongmeng OS would take only 1-2 days. From the point of view, the origin of Hongmeng Kaiyuan is the inherent meaning of Huaweis opening strategy, and only from the open source and open ecological system of building an intelligent world of interconnection of all things, can we fully understand the deep meaning of Huawei Hongmeng Kaiyuan.

Open source software and independent intellectual property rights are not inconsistent. According to the national conditions, we can gradually independently control the path of technology research and development, realize the advantage of backwardness, and at critical moments can ensure industrial security, information security and other important national strategic security. This is also the background of Hongmengs announcement.

In the released Huawei smart screen, Hongmeng system has been put into practical application, and in the future, it may also be put into various terminal devices such as PC, automobile and so on. Relying on Hongmeng Operating System and various industrial forces, building Chinas open source community will be the starting point for Chinas open source software to enter the world.

It is noteworthy that the rapid development of Chinas software industry over the years has benefited from the global open source community, including EMUI itself. China is also an active participant in the global open source community, and many Chinese companies are also important contributors to the global open source project. As mentioned earlier, Chinas open source community is likely to be at the forefront of the world in terms of interconnection and open source, which combines hardware and software, and to make a contribution to the world. In the dialogue, Huawei executives expressed the preliminary idea that the China Open Source Foundation is fully industrialized, non-profit, open and that the right to speak is determined by contribution, which has relatively mature experience in the global open source community.

The international open source community has been in operation for more than 30 years. It has many successful institutional experiences and mechanism foundations. Many of them also have relevant open source communities in China. Among them, besides the technological route, the key lies in the open source mechanism and institutional rules, and the core is the intellectual property rules. The open source community relies on the licensing systems rule-making power, such as GPL license, BSDLicense, Apache License, to strike a balance between protection and innovation incentives. Chinas intellectual property protection has a full opportunity to avoid the drawbacks of European and American countries and achieve independent institutional innovation, which is also the earnest hope expressed by Professor Lesger of Harvard Law School in the preface of his book Code for China.

Therefore, to establish China Open Source Foundation and build Chinas software community, we must fully learn from the experience and lessons of the global open source community, and also achieve open source at the institutional level. Undoubtedly, it is of great significance to open up Hong Meng, but the road ahead is long and there is a long way to go.