4G mobile phone big sale, copy the bottom or wait for 5G? This is a problem.

 4G mobile phone big sale, copy the bottom or wait for 5G? This is a problem.

Recently, with the release (sale) of 5G mobile phones by Huawei and ZTE, there has been a upsurge of price reduction of 4G mobile phones in major platforms and physical stores. According to data provided by Tianmao to Sino-Singapore Longitudinal and Weft Clients, up to now, more than 30 4G mobile phones have been downgraded, with a maximum reduction of more than 1,000 yuan.

Industry experts in an interview with Sino-Singapore Jingwei clients believe that considering the short-term use experience of 5G, it is more cost-effective to start a price-effective 4G mobile phone.

Yang Jiahong, the first 5G mobile phone in China

4G mobile phone ushered in a wave of price cuts

Sino-Singapore Longitudinal and Weft Client Search in Tianmao and other e-commerce platforms found that many mobile phone brands have begun to reduce the price of 4G models, including many popular models.

For example, Huaweis price of the P30Pro was cut by 500 yuan, and the mobile phone was launched on March 26 this year. Millet 9 and vivox27 have also reduced their prices by 100 yuan to 400 yuan, and OPPOFindX has reduced by more than 1000 yuan. According to Tianmao, more than 30 popular 4G mobile phones on Tianmao platform have been downgraded recently.

On the Tianmao platform, several 4G mobile phones have lowered their prices. Source: Skycat

In addition to online, offline physical stores have also set off a wave of price reductions for 4G mobile phones.

According to media reports, in a digital commodity market in Hangzhou, Huaweis starting price of P30Pro dropped to about 4800 yuan, nearly 200 yuan lower than the official price; Mate20Pros top price dropped from 6000 yuan to 5200 yuan.

The price is also lowered by the iPhone, which is down 300 - 500 yuan compared with last month. Among them, the lowest-end models such as the 8, 8P and XR of the iPhone declined the most. The 128GB capacity of the XR of the iPhone, which sells well, has fallen below 5000 yuan. The top-fitting Max of the iPhone is only one step away from the 10,000 yuan.

The price reduction of 4G mobile phones is due to the arrival of 5G mobile phones?

Some analysts believe that the large-scale price reduction of 4G mobile phones or 5G mobile phones are directly related to the successive release (sale).

Fu Liang, a telecom analyst, said in an interview with Zhongxin Jingwei Client: Every year in July, August and September, mobile phone manufacturers will carry out a wave of price reduction for promotion and product replacement. It can be said that the price reduction of 4G mobile phones has nothing to do with the listing of 5G mobile phones.

However, a staff member of a mobile phone brand said that although the price reduction was not directly related to the launch of 5G mobile phones, due to the expectations of 5G, many consumers who are ready to buy mobile phones turned to waiting and watching for 5G mobile phones. In this context, mobile phone sales in the first half of this year fell by 20% to 30% compared with the same period last year. Due to the pressure of inventory and capital, the main purpose of this round of price reduction of 4G mobile phones is to digest the existing stock.

Sun Yanbiao, president of the First Mobile Phone Industry Research Institute, holds the same view. According to his analysis, the major reason for the large-scale price reduction of 4G mobile phones is that mobile phone manufacturers are worried about the risk of inventory formation. The continuous listing of 5G mobile phones makes the market in a wait-and-see period, consumers are watching, and mobile phone manufacturers are also watching. For the latter, they worry about the risk of inventory formation for 4G mobile phones and need to reduce prices to boost market enthusiasm. And when one manufacturer acts like this, other manufacturers will follow up. Sun Yanbiao said.

Check the bottom 4G mobile phone or wait for 5G?

Earlier, on August 5, ZTE Tianji Axon 10Pro5G, the first 5G mobile phone to be sold in China, went on sale. On the same day, a field visit by Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client found that the first 5G mobile phone sold did not attract as much attention as expected.

At 5G Experience Shop in Suning Yishou Plaza, Ciyun Temple, Beijing, Sino-Singapore longitude and latitude clients noticed that from 12:30 noon to 2:00 p.m., only a few customers came to experience it.

A salesman told Sino-Singapore Jingwei client that although there are already 5G mobile phones, there is no full coverage of 5G network, and consumers can only experience 5G in the store. Another staff member introduced that the number of customers who came to the store for consultation and experience was not very large. Except for pre-booking customers, most consumers were temporarily involved in the experience.

According to the official microblog of China Unicom released on August 9, 5G mobile phones released or sold in the past two months (August and September), in addition to the known ZTE Tianji Axon 10Pro5G (August 5), Huawei Mate20X5G (August 16), there are also vivoiQOOpro, Sanxing Note105G version and vivoNEX5G version, which will be released in August, expected to be centralized in September. Millet 5G, Huawei Mat305G, Samsung A905G, vivoX series and other 5G mobile phones listed in the future.

Huachuis 5G mobile phone Mate20X5G was launched on August 16. Sino-New Zealand Longitudinal and Latitude Photography

However, some analysts point out that even if consumers buy 5G mobile phones, the current experience will not be very good, because the construction of 5G base stations has not kept pace.

It is understood that 5G in China is still in the pre-commercial/commercial stage this year, and the number of cities covered by 5G network of the three major operators will exceed 50. Although there are corresponding 5GNSA single-mode and 5GSA/NSA dual-mode 5G mobile phones listed in this stage, the power consumption and cost are still relatively high.

It is expected that by 2020, the domestic 5G network will cover hundreds of cities, and the price of 5G mobile phone is expected to reach 3000-3500 yuan.

And 5G will really usher in large-scale commercial period of time will be 2021-2027, when millions of magnitude of macro base stations and tens of millions of magnitude of small base stations, will achieve coverage of all cities and counties.

So, for ordinary consumers, is this the bottom 4G mobile phone or waiting for 5G mobile phone?

Sun Yanbiao said that first-tier cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the north, to achieve full coverage of 5G network and to be able to use 5G freely whenever and wherever, at least until next August. Second-tier cities to achieve 5G full coverage until the first half of 2021, about 18 months away from now, which is basically a mobile phone life cycle.

In the next 12 months, consumersexperience of using 5G is general, and in 2019, the mobile phone market has entered a competitive situation of high matching and low price. The prices of millet, OPPO, glory and other major mobile phone brands are more favorable than in previous years, even without price reduction. After the price reduction, the profit margin of the manufacturer should have been pushed to the limit. Generally speaking, its very cost-effective to start with a low-priced 4G mobile phone.

Fu Liang said that it will take some time for 5G mobile phones to achieve the same price-performance ratio as 4G mobile phones.

Now buy a cost-effective 4G mobile phone to use first, and wait until the 5G mobile phone is fully mature and then replace it is completely OK. In order to achieve the 5G mobile phone can bring users a very good use experience, it will have to wait until 2021, when the 5G mobile phone will not lose. Fu Liang said. (Sino-Singapore longitude and latitude APP)

Source: Ding Guangsheng_NT1941