Next month, the old users of 5G new segment need not change their number. Do you want to try something fresh?

 Next month, the old users of 5G new segment need not change their number. Do you want to try something fresh?

Is the 5G set meal that Beijing residents are about to use expensive? Reporters received news on August 12 that the price of the telecommunications package is expected to vary from 199 yuan to 599 yuan. Previously, it was widely rumored that the three major operators would start 5G commerce from National Day this year, but China Telecom Beijing confirmed to reporters that China Telecom had decided to take the lead in releasing 5G mobile phone numbers in Beijing in September, but old users need not change their cards to upgrade 5G. Faced with the new trend of 5G, 4G mobile phones have begun to concentrate on large price cuts, with a maximum reduction of more than 1,000 yuan.

Five-gigabyte commerce is coming in full swing, and Beijing residents will be the first to taste it in China. At present, the first batch of 5G listed key commercial cities of China Telecom has been determined, and it will take the lead in Beijing.

Compared with the expectation that 5G will not be commercially available until October, the relevant staff of Beijing Telecom Company of China introduced to reporters that China Telecom has decided to take the lead in starting 5G officially commercially in September among the three major operators. A document issued by China Telecom has confirmed the matter, but the specific commercial date still needs to be notified again by China Telecom.

This time, China Telecom will launch a new 5G dedicated segment, which is mainly suitable for users who buy new telecommunication numbers. Relevant staff of Beijing Telecom Company of China also introduced that old telecom users do not need to change their cards and numbers. After purchasing 5G mobile phones, they can upgrade their 4G packages to 5G packages through business halls and other channels.

Reporters learned from the three major operators that the 5G network is open for older users of 4G, basically no card change, no number change, just a 5G mobile phone can be changed.

Starting from August 16, citizens can purchase 5G mobile phones through China Telecom Beijing Company. They are Huawei Mate20X5G version, ZTE and vivo, respectively. They are all adapted to China Telecom 5G network.

Telecom will also officially launch 5G experience package in Beijing, and open 5G free experience on a large scale. It is understood that Telecom will open the 5G experience package to users who buy 5G mobile phones free of charge. The experience package includes 100GB of experience flow per month. The experience time limit is 2 months. Users can send short messages or deal with it through the business hall. The maximum 5G rate of the experience package is 1Gbps, which is equivalent to downloading a movie in about one second.

Telecom is also speeding up the deployment of 5G experience in business halls. In mid-August, 5G experience areas will be opened in some large business halls in Beijing. Users without 5G mobile phones can also experience the super-fast rate of 5G network in business halls by connecting to WiFi.

5G mobile phones only need one-time investment, but 5G set meals need to be paid monthly. The public obviously care more about whether 5G set meals are expensive or not. Reporters learned from reliable channels that China Telecoms 5G package fees are expected to range from 199 yuan to 599 yuan.

At present, the price of 5G package has been basically determined, but the volume of traffic and voice in each package has not been fully determined. Although the overall price is higher than the current 4G package, the traffic is expected to be much higher than the current standard of 20 G per month for Telecom enjoyment package, which is much lower in terms of unit price, said the person familiar with the situation.

When can low-priced packages under 100 yuan be available? People pay more attention to this. According to communication industry expert Xiang Ligang, this mainly depends on the competitiveness of the three major operators.

If mobile and Unicom launched a $150 or even lower price 5G package in the early years, then at the latest early next year, as early as the end of this year, a $100 5G package should appear, and the process should not be too long. Xiang Ligang said.

With the first batch of 5G mobile phones officially listed in China in early August, the price of 5G mobile phones has also come to light. ZTE AXON10 Pro5G costs 4999 yuan, Huawei Mate20X5G version 6199 yuan, and vivoiQO5G version 4998 yuan. The price of these three 5G mobile phones has completely broken the rumor that the 5G mobile phones are expected to exceed 10,000 yuan.

Relatively speaking, these three mobile phones are not pure flagship phones. For the flagship 5G mobile phones with higher configuration, it is not excluded that the price will be more expensive. Relatively speaking, the price of 5G mobile phones has been locked in around 5000 yuan.

For citizens, with the gradual withdrawal of 4G mobile phones in the future, the price reduction of 5G mobile phone accessories and production cost reduction, 5G mobile phones will also usher in a wave of price reduction next year. Previously, many operators and professionals predicted that next year there will be a batch of mid-and low-end 5G mobile phones of around 3000 yuan.

Not only that, but also the wave of domestic airline switching is officially coming. 4G mobile phone products have begun to concentrate on price reduction promotions in all major sales platforms.

The relevant person in charge of Suning Easy-to-buy told reporters that 4G mobile phones, including Huawei, Samsung, Millet, Glory and other brands, have begun to cut prices across the line. Among them, Huaweis P30 series has a maximum direct drop of 500 yuan, millet 9 has a direct drop of 400 yuan, and the highest concessional power of glorious mobile phones has even reached 1600 yuan. It can be said that with the beginning of 5G mobile phones, 4G mobile phones also ushered in the last carnival.

Not only that, Suning has already launched the campaign of replacing 5G with 4G mobile phones. Samsung Mobile announced that it will launch a similar campaign with operators after its 5G mobile phones are listed.

In addition, Tianmao platform statistics show that in recent years, more than 30 4G mobile phones have been reduced in price, such as Huawei P30Pro, millet 9, vivoX27 and other popular models down by 100 to 500 yuan, OPPOFindX down by 1000 yuan, the mainstream mobile phone brand declined by about 10%, individual even more than 30%.

Today, in the streets and lanes of Beijing, whether in the mountains of scenic spots or in the metro stations in the city, the 4G network has achieved full coverage. So when will 5G network coverage catch up with 4G network?

Reporters noted that in fact, Beijings 5G infrastructure construction has been in the forefront of the country. As early as April this year, Beijing Telecom has built the first 5G business hall in China and completed the 5G test network coverage. Users who have experienced it say that 5G networks are nearly ten times faster than previous 4Gs.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently disclosed that the tower company has completed construction in Beijing and delivered 7863 5G base stations to three operators. It is expected that by the end of 2019, more than 10,000 5G base stations will be built in Beijing.

Beijing Communications Administration disclosed that, in combination with typical applications such as 5G+8K HD video, 5G+telemedicine, 5G+automatic driving, the city has completed the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and College Road, College Area, Financial Street Core Business District, Central Radio and Television Station Guanghua Road Office Area, Daoxianghu Unmanned Vehicle Experimental Area and Yizhuang Unmanned Vehicle Area. The 5G network covers the core area, Shijingshan Insurance Industrial Park and some densely populated urban areas.

A list of 5G base stations provided by China Telecom Beijing Company shows that its 5G base stations have covered Xidan, Chaoyang Park, Happy Valley, Olympic Park, Longtan Lake and other hot spots.

The process of 5G base stations catching up with 4G base stations should be faster. A person in charge of Beijing Iron Tower Company told reporters that the current number of Beijings 4G base stations is around 50,000, but by the end of this year, the number of Beijings 5G base stations is expected to be close to 12,000, the number of new construction next year is likely to exceed 20,000, and by the second half of next year will gradually approach the level of coverage of 4G signals.

(Source: Beijing Daily)

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Oriental Fortune Express: Ding Guangsheng_NT1941