German Cup - Levin scored Korman World Pobayern 3-1 Kotbuss promotion

 German Cup - Levin scored Korman World Pobayern 3-1 Kotbuss promotion

In the 34th minute, Korman crossed the left side. Levin first took the lead of his left foot. He volleyed with his left foot in the forbidden area. Mosell flew to throw the ball out. Thirty-eighth minute, Toliso crossed obliquely in the middle. After taking the ball on the right side of Mullers forbidden area, he adjusted slightly and shot with his left foot higher than the cross beam.

In the 39th minute, Muller made a precise oblique pass on the right side, Korman shook his head in the middle and hit the crossbar with the ball. In the 40th minute, Sanchez went into the forbidden area on the left, and the right foot shot was caught by Mosell. At the end of half-time, Bayern took the lead 1-0.

Change the ground and fight again. In the 46th minute, Korman crossed the left side, Levins left foot grabbed a shot, slightly off. In the 49th minute, the long-range shot outside the restricted area of Tiago was out of range.

In the 58th minute, a direct free kick from outside the Alaba penalty area hit the goal, slightly off. In the 62nd minute, Kotbusss left corner was passed into the restricted area, Kochs right foot was thrown into the air at the back point, and Noyle dropped the ball, but his second reaction was quick and he got the ball.

In the 64th minute, Gretska scored the ball in the middle, Coleman received the ball from the left and cut it in. After crosswise dribbling, cold arrows were thrown on the right foot outside the forbidden area. The ball flew into the lower right corner of the goal like a shell, 0-2! In the 68th minute, Jimmys right corner ball passed into the restricted area and Pavar headed the ball over the crossbeam.

In the 75th minute, the right foot shot out of the Gretska restricted area. In the 77th minute, the right foot shot from outside the Gnabri penalty area, and Mosell caught the ball.

In the 92nd minute, Taz was put down in the Gretska penalty area. Taz deceived Noyle and sent the ball in with his right foot. 1-3! Eventually, Bayern beat Cottbus 3-1 away to advance.

Two teams in the lineup:

Kotbuss (4-5-1): 30-Moser/14-Hasser, 5-Gelman, 24-Koch, 3-Hope/19-N-Gessler (5834-Lac), 21-Essenhut, 10-F-Gasler (647-Bayazet), 13-Taz, 23-Brugman/8-Langlov (7433-Brosinsky)

Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1): 1-Noel/32-Kimishi, 4-Jul (8921-Lucas-Hernandez), 5-Pavar, 27-Alaba/35-Sanchez, 24-Toliso (6318-Gretska)/25-Thomas-Muller, 6-Tiyago, 29-Koman (7022-Gnabry)/9-Levandovsky

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