Jinan: Provisional assistance of up to 1,000 yuan to people suffering from typhoon hardship

 Jinan: Provisional assistance of up to 1,000 yuan to people suffering from typhoon hardship

According to the official micro-blog news of Jinan Municipal Government Publishing Platform, on August 12, Jinan Civil Affairs Bureau issued a circular to start the emergency procedure of temporary relief in an all-round way. According to the difficult situation of the relief object, the temporary relief of less than 1000 yuan (including 1000 yuan) should be given in time. Towns (streets) should be rescued within 24 hours and within five working days. Registration of relief objects, relief matters, relief amount and other information, complete the procedures of signature and seal of the personnel handling the relief, and ensure the basic life of the people in need after the disaster.

At present, Jinan Civil Affairs Bureau has allocated 1000 quilts to the disaster-stricken areas in cooperation with the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau; Zhangqiu District Civil Affairs Bureau has issued an initiative to the vast number of social organizations to mobilize all sectors of society to actively take action, extend a helping hand, and tide over the difficulties together with the affected people.

In order to further improve disaster prevention and relief work, Sun Yihong, Director-General of the Civil Affairs Bureau, dispatched flood control and safety work of various units, demanding that departments raise awareness of disaster, strengthen responsibility, accept the opinions of professionals modestly, actively cooperate with typhoon response work, and strengthen the inspection of hidden dangers and vulnerabilities of Civil Affairs Service institutions. Reminds the masses to enhance the awareness of prevention, do a good job in the mass transfer, life and property security measures; scientific dispatch, reasonable arrangement of on-duty personnel, ensure timely response to dangerous situations, it is bound to do absolutely nothing wrong; for some disaster-stricken areas, it is necessary to play the role of supporting the bottom line, rescuing the emergency and solving the sudden and urgent problems of the masses. Sexual and temporary basic living difficulties.

The pictures are from the official micro-blog of Jinan Municipal Government Publishing Platform

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