Improving the Housing Conditions of Farmers in Northern Jiangsu Province

 Improving the Housing Conditions of Farmers in Northern Jiangsu Province

A large number of rural houses in northern Jiangsu were built before the 1980s. Last September, Jiangsu Province decided to improve the housing conditions of farmers in northern Jiangsu in an all-round way and planned to improve 300,000 households in three years as an important measure to overcome the shortcomings of building a well-off society in an all-round way.

Last year, Zhuwa Village launched the whole rural relocation and new rural community construction. Zhang Yuqing was the first group of villagers to sign the relocation agreement. After living in this year, I feel better than I thought. Zhang Yuqing said, Now its like living in a scenic spot. Its convenient to see pathological hair and children go to school.

The new type of community allows villagers to live in a centralized way, giving full consideration to supporting services, living and entertainment facilities, and forming a professional cleaning team. Luo Qianbin, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of Shanhe Garden, said that at present, party and mass service centers, standardized health rooms, kindergartens, local love centers, recreational activities rooms and sewage treatment plants have been put into use one after another.

The environment is good. There are many people coming to the village to play. In the peak season, people are crowded. My little beverage stand can earn 400 yuan a day, but I didnt dare to think about it in the past! Wang Fang, who moved into her new home, rented the land to the project introduced by the village and had a tourist meal. In planning and building a new rural community with an area of 242 mu, the two committees of Zhu Hua Village combine agriculture with tourism, recognize the direction of the development of the whole rural tourism, increase the intensity of land circulation, not only create a base of 1000 mu of yellow peach, but also build a lotus flower base of nine products, an urban fruit and vegetable garden in artubo, and a Dudu wine garden. Garden and other integration projects, strive to build the citys well-known global rural tourism destination.

Nowadays, Zhou Wenyan, who lives in Zhouma Village, Daxing Town, Henan District, goes to the new community in Zhouma which is under construction every day. Take the house in October, I really hope to move into the new house earlier. Her family of six people now live in the traditional old-fashioned houses in northern Jiangsu, three main houses, two partial houses, low and stuffy. The new community in Zhouma under construction, with 898 houses to be built, will start in the first quarter of this year and complete the construction before the end of the year.

In the rural areas of northern Jiangsu, there are still many people living in old houses like Zhou Wenyan, some of them are still dangerous old houses, the overall environment of the village is poor. The masses must not be allowed to live in dangerous houses and be well-off. Not long ago, the provincial government of Jiangsu Provincial Committee convened the FarmersHousing Improvement Conference in Northern Jiangsu Province. As a measure to solve practical problems by combining thematic education, it comprehensively strengthened the promotion of the improvement of farmers housing conditions in Northern Jiangsu Province to ensure that remarkable results were achieved, so as to keep the initiative and take the initiative with actual actions. Life.

Promoting the improvement of rural housing in northern Jiangsu is a landmark project for Rural Revitalization and also a requirement for high-quality development in Jiangsu Province. Building a beautiful home, accelerating the work of improving the housing conditions of the peasants, and striving to make the peasants in northern Jiangsu live a modern life synchronized with the times as soon as possible. The principal person in charge of Jiangsu Provincial Committee stressed that we should speed up the solution to the problems of peoples livelihood such as backward housing conditions of farmers in northern Jiangsu and test the effectiveness of thematic education.

How to consider the production and life of farmers after centralized residence when building the housing of farmers in northern Jiangsu? Are the infrastructure of centralized residential areas built synchronously and the industrial supporting system sound? It is imperative to improve the housing conditions of peasants in northern Jiangsu. Can we avoid one size fits all. We should not carry out demolition and construction, respect the wishes of peasants and really do a good job? The provincial government of Jiangsu Provincial Committee emphasizes that while concentrating on building new farmershouses, we should simultaneously build supporting facilities such as transportation, communication, radio and television, water supply and drainage, garbage collection and disposal, and allocate public services such as education, medical treatment, culture, sports and commerce.