A family of three were driven off the plane after being asked to change seats in the quiet zone

 A family of three were driven off the plane after being asked to change seats in the quiet zone

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A family of three seated on SAA was forced to change their seats, and eventually they were... (Source: Netease)

[Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin Networks] As a result of sitting in the so-called quiet zone of the passenger plane, Mr. Fus family was forced to change their seats and finally was driven off the plane by Malaysian Airlines Asia Long-distance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Asian Airlines). Whats the matter? Up to the time of publication, the reporter tried to contact AAAC about the experience of Mr. Fus family, but no response was received.

Recalling his experience in Kuala Lumpur on the evening of July 19, Mr. Fu still has a lingering fear: at that time, when his family of three were on check-in, AA arranged to take seats at 144, 14C and 14F positions on Flight D7332. However, after boarding the plane, the flight attendants informed Mr. Fu that Row 14 was the quiet area of the Asian Airlines flight. Children under 10 were not allowed to take seats and were asked to sit in the back cabin.

After consideration, Mr. Fu agreed to the other partys request. Never thought, after changing seats, when Mr. Fu asked the flight attendant to put his luggage for him, he caused the other partys discontent: The flight attendant also provoked us, threatening to catch us off the plane. The two sides then argued, and finally the captain of Flight D7332 called the airport security to please them down. After getting off the plane, AAL will not change their itinerary. Finally, Mr. Fus family had to buy a separate Asian Airlines ticket of 5457 yuan to return home.

For this experience, Mr. Fu is quite upset. AirAsia already knows that it has a daughter under the age of 10, but still arranges a quiet zone and even catches passengers off the plane. This behavior is really amazing.

So is the quiet zone that led to Mr. Fus familys bad experience reasonable? Song Chunlei, a lawyer at Shanghai Oath Willis Law Firm, said that quiet zone is not a requirement of civil aviation flight safety, and does not have legal compulsory force. In addition, there is no mention of quiet zone information in the relevant terms and conditions of carriage published by AAAC official website and its website of CAAC. According to the Contract Law, the quiet zone rule formulated unilaterally by AAAC is not binding on passengers.

At present, Mr. Fu is further communicating with AAAC through the mediation platform of CAAC. However, the two sides have never reached an agreement. According to Mr. Fu, AAC is only willing to pay more than 1700 yuan for compensation, and must consume within 90 days. It will not and cannot accept such treatment.

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