If I tell you only one story, you will understand hate.

 If I tell you only one story, you will understand hate.

Write it later:

Yes, he likes her.

From the first time she stood at the door of his house, took up her sword and said, I wont kill you at this time. Ill see you again in a year. She was like a nail, nailed into his memory.

After that, he went to the appointment, one for commitment, the other for Acacia.

He was already ready. If one day he died under her sword, he would close his eyes and tell her with a smile, I like you!

However, year after year, duels, battles one after another, so that they can not be gentle.

Decades later, none of them won.

If they soften down and go to each other, promising warmth instead of slaughter, will there be another outcome?

Fortunately, at the end of the story, they met again, and the story began to rewrite. Their loneliness for the rest of their lives turned into bright old age. Their tormented time turned into tender years.

After all, love or hate. Put it down or stick to it. Its all in your heart.

If it crosses over, Babylon will become a palace of longevity. Its the purgatory side that cant cross it.

Life is limited. It should not be a curse, but a blessing.

In the end, I hope you will be favored by the spring breeze.

May you live without hate. If so, may you forgive yourself in the end.