Twelve hours in Changan ended in special appearance in Changan.

 Twelve hours in Changan ended in special appearance in Changan.

The Hot Words of Twelve Hours Prying the Heat Changan Devoting to Cultural Export

Despite its low-key launch, the first 12 episodes of Changan Twelve Hours released intensively, which instantly ignited the enthusiasm of netizens to watch the opera. It not only achieved the rapid split of Douban within twelve hours, but also achieved a high level of word-of-mouth and traffic. Since its launch, Changan Twelve Hours related topics cover microblog topic list, TV drama list, star list, social list, funny list, food list, fashion cosmetics list, financial list, Internet list and other fields, to provide data support for the drama to achieve breaking circles. Among them, twelve hours in Chengdu and twelve hours in Guangzhou as the representatives of the literature and travel promotion, such as twelve hours in fire fighting and twelve hours in takeaway industry direction interpretation, all make the word twelve hours hopefully rank among the annual hot words, strong in the public context.

As a quality drama with rich cultural connotations and multiple levels of excavation, Changan Twelve Hours not only covers a wide range of topics, but also has an astonishing depth of excavation. The related topics of the series involve many fields such as history, humanities, archaeology, literature, economy and military affairs. At the same time, Changan Twelve Hours devotes itself to traditional culture. In addition to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam and other Asian countries, it also launched in North America in the form of payment on YouTube and other platforms. This is the first time that Chinese drama has been broadcast on these three platforms at the same time.

The portrait of Changan in the special exhibition, show the mood of the audience, the audience shouted.

Changan Twelve Hours, as a sincere tribute to Tang culture by the main creative team, makes audiences immersed in the fireworks Changan created by Director Cao Dun, regardless of the online characterization of the full-time acting skills, the refined and restored way of dressing up, the compact and vivid plot promotion, and the simple and magnificent aesthetics of the Tang Dynasty.

As a member of the ceremony, twelve hours in Changan released the portrait of Changan in special. It chooses actors, promoters of traditional culture, Museum commentators, new directors and dance academy teachers to tell the production process and spiritual core of Changan Twelve Hours from different angles. Many of them were born in Xian, or devoted themselves to the study of Shaanxi Han and Tang culture. They had a cordial feeling for the play itself and a childlike feeling. It is precisely because of the injection of such a professional spirit and serious attitude that the Changan scene presented not only has a grand prosperity, but also has many fireworks of life. As the creative team said, this is what Changan looked like in their hearts at that time. The people in the play are like real people living in Changan. As the biggest protagonist of the play, Changan shows not only the prosperity of a dynasty, but also a person, a family and a story behind it. These people and stories form an inclusive Changan, which also makes another group of people thousands of years later willing to do their best to restore the day here. Many audiences have confessed: The production team with such intentions really watched and cried, reluctant to part with Xiao Twelve.

Accurately restore the details of Changan Twelve Hours, a day in Changan

In Changan Twelve Hours, many exquisite lenses have laid the foundation for this plays adherence to high-quality texture, which makes many audiences startle. In order to accurately restore the peoples fireworks life in Changan City, the theatre team has devoted great efforts to the details of serving the Tao. All the costumes, makeup and props appearing in the play come from the textual research in museums and ancient books, refusing the sense of suspension. For example, the costume of the whole play was redesigned by the theatre group. In order to restore the tone of the time to the greatest extent, the theatre group not only established standard color cards of the Tang Dynasty, but also colored them with ancient vegetable dyes and mineral dyes. It was also the first time that the opera group made disassemblable armor with metal, including military props such as Tang Qi, Tang Dao, Bed Crossbow, etc. It is recognized by professionals; the important landscapes of Taishang Xuanyuan Daxian Lantern and Huacalyx Xianghui Tower are also created by the live scenery of the theatre team, in which the water circulation system at the bottom of Daxian Lantern not only conforms to the mechanical principle, but also provides real kinetic energy for the Xian Lantern; at the same time, dozens of intangible cultural heritage appearing in Changan Twelve Hours also intensified the drama. The collection of connotations, including ancient papermaking, iron flower and other non-legacy appearances, has become an impressive cultural symbol in Changan Twelve Hours.

With the Changan Twelve Hours approaching the big end, who is the real behind the huge conspiracy after Xiao Jies offline? Where will the fate of saints, princes and rightists go? Can Li Bi and Zhang Xiaojing work together to save Changan? All suspense will be fully revealed in Youku video.