Changan Twelve Hours closes today with a heated discussion on Han Tongshengs strength acting skills

 Changan Twelve Hours closes today with a heated discussion on Han Tongshengs strength acting skills

Exquisite acting lines are too hard for the old to be impressed by Max

Twelve Hours of Changan is directed by Cao Dun, with Liang Chao as the chief producer, starring in Yishuan Qianxi, Lei Jiayin, Han Tongsheng, Monday Weiwei and Reiza. Li Xiaochuan, Li Kunlin and other powerful actors joined in. Han Tongsheng, the first-class national actor, contributed a textbook style of acting skills in the play. At the beginning, he entered the stage half-dreaming and half-awakening by riding a donkey. The old man, with only a few lines, will be an old man with white beard under the madness, everyone is drunk with my solemn awakening, the interpretation of vivid.

He Jianmaos play of admonishing the emperor at his death has been retweeted by netizens. When you are emperor, you should always train yourself to stay at 25 and rush forward. You cant be complacent, you cant be greedy for pleasure. Han Tongshengs tearful lines burst into the internet, and many netizens said, Mr. Hans acting skills are so good that I can see my eyes filled with tears. What kind of immortal lines are these? What kind of immortal skills are they? He Jians acting skills are so flaming that his acting skills burst apart. Han Tongsheng used his years of accumulated acting skills and precise grasp of lines to make the audience instantly into the play.

Incarnate ordinary taxi drivers to restore high levels of life fireworks

While highly reproducing the features of historical figures in Changan Twelve Hours, and in Hunan Satellite TVs hit TV series Come on, Youre the Best, a Beijing taxi driver with fireworks was deduced incisively and vividly. Even many viewers who were chasing the drama watched several episodes did not know the difference was so great. Things are created by the same actor.

The summer national refueling energy drama Come on, You Are the Best starring Dunlan, Ma Sichun, Han Tongsheng and Ni Hongjie has become another hit drama on the screen after Dear, Loving. Han Tongsheng plays Fuzi (Ma Sichun) father Fufangshu, playing a real Beijing taxi driver alive. His greatest feature is that he can talk, speak fast, and be forgiving. He likes tragic people, but he is kind and honest in heart, and warmly fights for righteousness. Han Tongsheng uses details to interpret Fukuang Fangshu in a very life-like way, like most peoples fathers in real life. More wonderful stories please lock in Changan 12 Hours and Come on, you are the best!