Yao Chen is well-known for his driving late at night in Chaoyang District after being polluted.

 Yao Chen is well-known for his driving late at night in Chaoyang District after being polluted.

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Yao Chen mocked himself as the dirty king of Chaoyang District

Netease Entertainment reported on August 12 that on the evening of November 11, Yao Chens suspected driving speech on the social platform caused a heated discussion among netizens. The original blogger wrote about a small fans bad early night experience and said that there are too many problems women have to face in their life. How long do we have to go? Yao Chen asked the blogger to tell the girl directly next time: not that I am too fat, but that you are too thin. Even Shu Qi praised and forwarded Yao Chens microblog and commented that she was a driver who drove a long time.

In fact, people who pay attention to Yao Chen will know that her Chaoyang District after the pollution has long been known outside. This Title originally came from Yao Chens large-scale comments in the third season of Please Refrigerator. In the show, Wang Luodan said that when he was photographed at the airport backing the accordion but did not wear a harp cover, Yao Chen claimed to be a mother who had given birth to two children. Wearing a harp was really important. This dialogue between donkeys lips and horses lips scared the unmarried Wang Luodan, and Yao Chen gave himself a title with embarrassing laughter: the dirty king in Chaoyang District.

Yao Chens dirty is particularly obvious during the hot season of this years drama All Good. There is a smell of decontamination powder in and out of the play. In the play, Yao Chen and Yang Youning staged a speed battle, discussing the speed of the audience in front of the TV simply shocked. Outside the play, Yang Youning told Yao Chen not to be so fierce, but Yao Chen said Ming Ming is your good chest and presented a chest-piercing photograph, which was driving at a very unexpected speed.

In addition, in all kinds of interviews, Yao Chen is also astonishing, when netizens asked that Yao Chen would swallow a gun with his mouth, Yao Chen bluntly said erotic, did not expect that Yao Chens association is so strong, it is really full of filth.

In an interview with Yao Chens film Send Me to the Blue Sky, when director Teng Congcong said that he said I want to his ex-husband, Yao Chen bluntly said that his ex-husband was not in good health. Ming Ming is a very serious chat, and the old driver Yao Chen openly starts his car again.

Source: Liable Editor of Netease Entertainment: Qiaoyi_NBJS9231