The film Apostle 2 reveals the main feature: Gu Hui Wu Tie Triangle Opera

 The film Apostle 2 reveals the main feature: Gu Hui Wu Tie Triangle Opera

Netease Entertainment reported on August 12 that it was supervised by Le Yiling and Liu Weiqiang, directed by Wen Weihong, directed by Qian Jiale, directed by Guan Zhiyao, starred by Zhang Jiahui, Gu Tianle, Wu Zhenyu and Jiang Jinyao, and co-starred by Made Zhong, Zhang Yichi and Liu Yuning. Huang Zhizhongs special action film Apostle 2: Spy Shadow Action landed on the national courtyard on August 7. It was released in 9 hours and 18 minutes, breaking 100 million yuan. On the first day, it earned 173 million box office. It created the best performance in Hong Kong film opening this year. So far, it has won 430 million box office. Today, the filmmakers exposed the main feature of the film. Director Wen Weihong and action director Qian Jiale first evaluated the performance of Gu Huiwus Iron Triangle in the film, while actors Zhang Jiahui, Gu Tianle and Wu Zhenyu also told various behind-the-scenes stories.

Dont be afraid of hardships, fight personally

Gu Hui, Wu Sanying Emperor, was in the same field to tear the heart and lungs apart.

This time Gu Tianle, Zhang Jiahui, Wu Zhenyu three masters play inside and outside have been constantly in the move. There are many scenes in which they are torn apart. Tears rush out when they watch them struggle with each other during the shooting. Director Wen Weihongs opening remark stamps the extraordinary acting skills of the three film emperors. Qian Jiale, the action director, further commented on the three performances, which were totally different from the previous ones: Gu Tianle used another way of deduction different from the past, Zhang Jiahui could have a new feeling deduced, and Wu Zhenyu was still a god-class performing skill that can not be said.

When it comes to the relationship between the new work and the previous one, Wu Zhenyu describes it as having known each other and improved somewhat. While retaining the core team and reviving the brotherhood, the film also upgraded its production in an all-round way: it was shot across Hong Kong, Myanmar and Spain, and none of the scenes of fists, gunfights, explosions and flying cars fell. In this regard, Gu Tianle deliberately revealed that some of the action scenes during the shooting process are very dangerous: Because to blow up a lot of glass and steel pipes, if there are scratches, the whole head will be gone. But Gu Zi and Zhang Jiahui still insist on fighting personally and carry out the sense of reality that director Wen Weihong has always emphasized. When you see it, its very worthwhile, said Guzi.

A New Story

Brothers Reunited in Myanmar and Spain

Actor 2: The Espionage Shadow Act retains three classic elements of the previous work: police bandits, undercover, brotherhood, as well as the gold medal lineup of directors and actors, but unfolds the story with a brand-new character relationship. Brothersbattlefield has also changed from Brazil to Myanmar and Spain. Zhang Jiahui, Gutianle and Wu Zhenyus Iron Triangle will play a new role in spy film.

The film originated from the accidental separation of a childhood partner. Thirty years later, due to a crime, the former brothers met again, but they were in different camps. With the deepening of criminal investigation, a terrorist organization hidden behind the scenes for many years has gradually emerged. The film slogan reunited by different ways, but it seems to imply that no matter where they are in different camps, brotherhood will never be abandoned.

Actor 2: The Espionage Shadow is on the air.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020