Changan Sword: Is the director of the Porsche woman owner Yipao Tong exempted from injustice?

 Changan Sword: Is the director of the Porsche woman owner Yipao Tong exempted from injustice?

The Chongqing male driver would not have thought that he had slapped off two hats.

One is the straw hat of a Porsche woman owner; the other is the official hat of her husband, Director of Children.

(Picture: On the morning of July 30, a woman driving a red Porsche had an argument with a male driver of another car near No. 2 Road, Yubei District, Chongqing. Webcast video shows that the woman slapped the driver first, the man slapped the woman with his back hand, and the womans hat was also fanned off.)

This afternoon, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau gave a briefing on the investigation and treatment of Porsche women ownerscouples. The briefing involved two families, property, Porsche traffic illegal handling and verification, female car owner Li Yues employment and many other situations, which can be described as a bottom drop.

According to the report, Li Yuezhifu and Tong Xiaohua, the director of the Stone Boat Police Station of Chongqing Yubei District Public Security Bureau, were dismissed and investigated.

At first glance, Director Tong did not turn on the green light for his wifes traffic violations, while Porsches female car owner I run all the red lights, call all the changes clamor, probably is boasting. Moreover, the current investigation did not find that he used his position to intimidate male drivers, his wifes business partners, nor involved in criminal cases. No wonder some netizens asked: Is it a bit unjust for Director Tong to be dismissed?

No injustice.

Because there is such a sentence in the Bulletin - the investigation found that Tong Xiaohua was suspected of other disciplinary problems during his long tenure as a police station.

In other words, the dismissal of Director Tong and filing investigation are not meant to calm public opinion, but to discover other clues to violations of discipline.

(Picture: Tong Xiaohua, husband of a woman owner of Porsche in Chongqing.)

In the case of Porsche women car owners, Tong has always been a background board. At last, he was blamed, which seemed to be accidental, but he acted correctly and was not afraid of being distorted. Whats more, Chang An-jun (Wechat ID: Changan-j) believes that if a public official has a problem with the two winds of family style and style, his future is bound to be shaky!

As a leading cadre, we must uphold our family style. When it comes to family tradition, some people may disagree with it. They think that family tradition is nothing but a private matter, and they are too lenient in their requests. Changan Jun does not want to talk big, just to cite an example that was laughed at by netizens to make the director of Tong shiver.

The protagonist of this example is not unfamiliar to you. He is called Secretary Yan.

Last May, a screenshot of a kindergarten Wechat group spread wildly on the Internet. In the screenshot, a parent asks the teacher to apologize to her child in front of all the teachers and students. Otherwise, the leader will be informed to explain to her, What do you mean by saying this to Secretary Yans daughter?

But this deputys wifes full domineering in return for public opinion mockery and organization of investigations. On August 2 this year, Yan Chunfeng, the former deputy secretary of the Guangan Municipal Party Committee of Sichuan Province, was sentenced to 10 yearsimprisonment for bribery and fined 600,000 yuan.

(Figure: Secretary Yan was sentenced to 10 yearsimprisonment for bribery at first instance and fined 600,000 yuan. He confessed his guilt and repentance in court.)

Secretary Yan fell off the horse and Director Tong was investigated, which seems to be the power pitcher in the occasional incident of his wife. But occasionally it is inevitable. Imagine if they were both modest and prudent outside the home, would a lady get used to being arrogant? If they are both public and private, and always remember to be self-restrained and public, will there be family members playing the role of fox and tiger power?

Their behavior is different from that of ordinary people, and it is difficult for them to have nothing to do with the people in power behind them. If power is self-disciplined enough, will it show such amazing dramatic effects?

General Secretary Xi said that the family style of leading cadres is not a personal or private matter, but an important manifestation of the style of leading cadres. Where does it come from to lead the family in all respects? From condoning and sheltering, from turning a blind eye, from deliberately doing. There is no unprovoked evil spirit maniac in the world. Family members have problems. Leading cadres are often accomplices, and there are many people who break through the bottom line of the principle because of spoiling their wives into idiots and loving their children. Therefore, the General Secretary has warned many times that leading cadres should put the construction of family style in an important position, be honest and self-cultivation, be honest and family, prevent pillow wind from becoming the fuse of corruption, prevent children from making illegal profits under their own banner, and prevent people around them from pulling themselves down.

Unfortunately, not only Secretary Yan and Director Tong, but also senior leading cadres of individual parties and countries failed to understand it thoroughly, and eventually a father and son reach out together, husband and wife are all in prison.

Liu Tie-man, former deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission and former director of the State Energy Administration, confessed to hurting his son when he was tried. Liu Decheng, his son, once confessed that the bigger his official is, the more money I have; In the judgment of Bo Xilai, former Secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, his wife Bo Gukai appeared 282 times, and the court found that from 1999 to 2012, Bo Decheng had suffered from hurting. Xilai knows and acknowledges that Bogu Kailai receives more than RMB 19.33 million from the owner of Dalian Shide Group.

On the contrary, many leaders of the Party and the state have benefited generations from good family practices.

Comrade Mao Zedong was very strict with his children before his death. He did not allow his children to eat the middle cooker, to do business, to make them special, and to take part in labor and exercise in person. Comrade Zhou Enlai put forward ten family rules and asked his relatives to never talk about their relationship with the Prime Minister on any occasion and not show off. Deng Xiaopings remark made her daughter Deng Lin unforgettable: Fathers request to us is that the laws of the country should not be infringed, and our children should abide by the law and be cautious.

A good family style will make the family prosperous, harmonious and happy; a bad family style will inevitably endanger future generations and harm society, which is called a good family, there will be more than Qing; a bad family, there will be more harm. In the words of General Secretary Xi, the word Zhu Ji is in one sentence.

(Figure: In November 2016, leading cadres and family members of a district in Hefei City, Anhui Province signed their promises on the proposal for the construction of family style.)

In the final analysis, what is the style of family depends on what the style of leading cadres leads.

General Secretary Xi pointed out when he talked about the style of work that the style of work is related to both public and private issues, and to public funds and public power. One cent of public funds can not be spent indiscriminately; public power is for the people, and none can be used privately. Leading cadres must always be aware of this, so that they can distinguish between public and private, exercise self-restraint and exercise strict self-discipline. To be fair, most horse-dropping cadres may at first be awed by Party discipline and state law, but they are helpless to their families. Liu Tie-man once said of his son like this: At first I was very strict, but later I didnt care much about it. This helplessness seems reasonable, but it is not worth sympathizing with.

Confucius said very well, His body is right, but he does not obey; his body is not right, although he does not obey. Family members do not obey, the reason is still their own style is deficient!

When Director Tong was just concerned by public opinion, some people exposed that he was raking his ears and afraid of his wife. After the dismissal of Director Tong, some netizens commented that the slap of a female driver, which was beaten by Director Tong, might not be today.

How do you understand this sentence? Of course, its not literal fight. But suppose that Tong Chang, who was arrogant and arrogant to his wife at the outset, and arrogant to his family at the moment, formed a benign interaction between good style and good family style. Will there be a series of subsequent tragedies and farces?

In this regard, Changan Jun advised those who had not yet taken the initiative to Secretary Yan and Director Tong to think about the four words cultivate ones moral integrity and bring ones family together while exercising their power. It must be remembered that the style question is not the choice of answer. The Partys style of work is the image of the Party, which is closely related to peoples aspirations. A leading cadres style of work is not only bad for a family, but also for this isolation from the people, which makes our Party lose its foundation, blood and strength.

Speaking of 10,000 words, the peoples boiling public opinions on Secretary Yan, Director Tong and his wife are behind the resentment of bad style and the hatred of supporting privileges.

Childrens other disciplinary problems will eventually come to light. But the alarm bell must ring for a long time, and strictly administering the Party will always be on the way. In this process, Changanjun believed that the last sentence in the Chongqing Public Security Information Circular was meaningful, please remember it.u2014u2014

To ensure the safety of everybody, we should start with small home.

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