Three 0 assists, Yi Jianlian Guo Allen incompatible, this may be a good thing.

 Three 0 assists, Yi Jianlian Guo Allen incompatible, this may be a good thing.

The selection of the opponents of the four national competitions has the value of precise warm-up with strong pertinence. The three teams, Angola, Croatia and Puerto Rico, all accurately simulate the three opponents China will encounter in the mens basketball World Cup group tournament, regardless of their geographical attributes or style of play.

Angola dispatched a real national team, because they will also participate in the mens basketball World Cup, so the degree of investment in warm-up is comparable to that of China. Despite the aging of the main line-up, their emphasis on individual singles and physical fitness is in line with the Ivory Coast team. Angola won 9-3 in the World Cup preliminaries, outperforming Czechoslovakia, which won 7-5. The easy victory against them will give the Chinese mens basketball team enough confidence to defeat Ivory Coast.

Yi Jianlian Zhou Qiwang Zhelins three interior lines show outstanding performance

Puerto Rico is also a team participating in the mens basketball World Cup, so they sent a real team, playing with a typical American style, emphasizing personal singles, taking the initiative to speed up the pace of the game, looking for fighters in sports warfare, rather than half-court offense. The above characteristics have many similarities with Venezuela in the Americas, which gives the Chinese team the opportunity to adapt to the opponents playing methods in advance and try to find its flaws.

Due to the absence of the mens basketball World Cup, Croatia only played with the U20 youth team, and only four of its squad participated in the Cup last month. Although the players are younger and their physical condition is not excellent, they pay attention to the overall cooperation and the European drift play which emphasizes the offensive and defensive system, which still guarantees certain combat effectiveness. The confrontation with them provided a model for the mens basketball team against Poland.

The most important change for the Chinese team itself is to arrange Yi Jianlian to recover from injury, and to partner with Zhou Qi more in-line. This pair of twin towers played a powerful role for a long time, while Wang Zhelin, who had been pushed to the main position of the interior in the warm-up competition before, retreated to the second line to lead the substitutes to score. The excellent performance of the three top players in the interior led the mens basketball team to defeat the three imaginary opponents in the World Cup one by one.

3. Guo Shao-0 assisted Allianz League. How should the two cores be used? Separate leader or best choice

In the fourth quarter of the World Cup against Croatia, the third quarter lasted for 8 minutes. Guo Allen protected the rebound in the backcourt, then quickly broke through and launched a counter-attack. He broke into the restricted area and gave Yi Jianlian a point to the downward side. The latter was fouled by his opponent in the air-cut layup. Seeing his opponent destroy the offensive, Guo Allen stamped his foot fiercely, and Alan, who was fouled, showed a grimacing expression at the moment.

How much Guo Allen wishes to assist Allianz League once

Obviously, the attack did not end directly and wasted Guo Allens perfect assists. Both Guo Allen and Yi Jianlian were very disappointed. This is the closest offensive cooperation between them in this game, and in fact it is the epitome of the whole game.

From the personal strength point of view, Yi Jianlian and Guo Allen are worthy of the two core mens basketball team, so coach Li Nan is eager to form a good chemical reaction between the two trumps, playing a 1 + 1 > 2 effect. In addition to jointly starting the first battle against Croatia, Li Nan was also in the second half of the second quarter, the first half of the third Allen Allen Allen fast attack, the second half of the first half, and the third quarter of the overall situation has been finalized. Allen Allen Allen Allen and Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen were arranged to partner four times, and their cooperation in attack has increased significantly.

In the first section, Guo Allen fouled three times and only fouled.

However, unfortunately, the above assumptions often run into a wall in the actual war. Guo Allen made six mistakes in the first half, all in the presence of Yi Jianlian. At least three of these errors occurred because Yi Jianlian was deliberately connected at the offensive end, resulting in passing errors. It can be seen that the tacit understanding between the two sides has not succeeded.

Guo Allen made six mistakes in the first half, two of which were related to his desire to pass Allianz.

When Guo Allen appeared alone, and in the third section, although he competed with Yi Jianlian, but no longer deliberately sought to cooperate with Arab League, his attack firepower was obviously released. It can be seen that Guo Allen was greatly affected by the two attackersattempt to cooperate. On the contrary, Yi Jianlian was generally affected. In the third quarter, Guo Allen scored a three-point goal in 9:45 seconds.

Against Puerto Rico, Guo Allen was in a rare downturn, playing only 17 minutes and being discarded in the fourth quarter. Yi Jianlian is the main point of attack on the court. Guo Allen is more like a porter who passes through the half-court safely. The advantage of starting speed can not be brought into play. On the contrary, Zhao Jiwei and Zhao Rui showed great success in attacking the field.

Yi Jianlian and Guo Allen are not part-time at present.

Looking back at the classic battle of reversing Korea in the Asian Championship in 2015, it was young Guo Allen and Zhou Qi who led the mens basketball team to blow the counter-attack horn in the second half. As a transmission and chaos master, Guo Allen is best suited to take advantage of the speed advantage to tear open space on the court and win with his familiar attack rhythm after his opponents physical fitness and defensive concentration declined.

Guo Allen and Zhou Qigong made great contributions to the reversal of Korea in the Asian Championships in 2015

On the other hand, if Guo Allen and Yi Jianlian are excessively deliberately pursued to cooperate in the offense, they should be limited to one-sided half-court offense, which is a kind of restraint for Guo Allens greatest advantage. So post-developer may get better results. In the World Cup arena, according to the situation on the field, it may be more wise to use Allen and Allen Guo as the main points of attack.

In the last two matches of the four national championships, Li Nan ranked out the starting line-up of Yi Jianlian + Zhou Qi + Zhou Peng + Guo Allen + Zhao Jiwei. Perhaps this is the main line-up of the mens Basketball World Cup in his mind. Based on the incompatibility between Yi Jianlian and Guo Allen exposed in the warm-up competition, Li Nan may need to adjust again.

Free throw is the biggest difficulty for Chinese mens basketball team. Guo Allen warmed up less than 50% in the first 12 games.

In this four-nation tournament, Chinas free throw performance has not improved much. Angola scored 61% of the 14 of 23 penalties in the first battle; Croatia scored more than 70% of the 28 of 39 penalties in the second battle, but this was entirely due to Yi Jianlians excellent performance in 11 penalties. Other players only scored 17 of 28 penalties and 61% of the total; only in the last match against Puerto Rico did mens basketball improve in free throws, with 33 penalties and 23 penalties. It barely hit 70%.

The World Cup list of 12 people has been locked in 10 people, Koran PK Ren Junfei into the final suspense

Judging from the rotation time of players in the four national competitions, Yi Jianlian, Zhou Qi, Guo Allen, Wang Zhelin, Zhou Peng, Zhao Rui and other people have a fairly solid main position. Zhao Jiwei, Fang Shuo, Abu Du Salamu and Zhai Xiaochuan are also regarded as important rotation players. Unless there are temporary injuries, a total of 10 players have locked in the mens basketball World Cup in advance of the list of 12.

The mens basketball team cancelled its pre-match training against Puerto Rico in the final battle of the Four Nations Competition and arranged the main players to stay at the hotel to watch videos. Only assistant coach Liu Peng led Zijie, Ren Junfei, Sun Minghui and Kolambek to shoot before the match. This action is a clear signal that the above 10 players need no further investigation. The remaining two places will be created through competition among the four substitutes.

Yi Jianlian is the most stable output point of the national team

In the three matches of Kunshan Four Nations Competition, interior generals Yi Jianlian, Zhou Qi and Wang Zhelin gave full play to their advantages, and their main position was relatively stable. From the point of view of location distribution, we also need the fourth interior player as a substitute, so Shen Zijie, as a pure interior, has the greatest chance of entering the finals.

Shen Zijie contributed 7.4 points and 3.8 rebounds in 12 warm-up matches before the Four Nations Games, while his average playing time was only 14.1 minutes. As a substitute, he was extremely efficient on the court. At the offensive end, he can cooperate with Guo Allen and Zhao Jiwei to form a tacit understanding of the two guards, making his shooting percentage as high as 65.6% rank first in the team. Considering his role on the court, Shen Zijies entry into the 12-man list is no problem.

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Only four mens basketball players trained Li Nan to stay in the hotel and watch videos for war (source: Netease Sports)

The last suspense in the mens basketball teams 12-man list is that Kolambeck and Ren Junfei choose one of them. Kolambek is the standard No. 3 player, with three-point shooting and peripheral single-player defense of the 3D player attributes; while Ren Junfei prefers to swing in position 3-4, the offensive end can be inside and outside. Li Nan recalled him from the layoffs list, perhaps as an emergency measure after Ding Yanyuhang was out of the office due to injury, using his ability to hold the ball and hit the interior as a substitute for Xiaoding.

The biggest weakness of Chinas current lineup lies in the lack of a sufficient number of stable pitchers. In the previous 12 warm-up matches, Klan Baike made 7 of 14 shots outside the three-point line, with 50% of the long-range shooting rate ranking first in the team. His functional characteristics may add weight to his last train on the 12-man list.

After Ren Junfei returned to the mens basketball team, Li Nan gave him enough opportunities to play. He played 7 minutes and 08 seconds against Angola in the Quartet, contributed 6 points to 13 minutes and 10 seconds against Croatia, and 2 points to 4 minutes and 11 seconds against Puerto Rico. Considering Ren Junfeis previous failure to appear due to injury, this may be his last opportunity to be inspected.

Who will Li Nan take to the World Cup?

Less than 20 days before the start of the mens basketball World Cup, Chinas preparations have entered the final stage. The day when the final suspense of the 12-player list will be solved may soon come. Source: Netease Sports Author: A Yong Responsible Editor: Qiao Yuanlei_NS1098

Less than 20 days before the start of the mens basketball World Cup, Chinas preparations have entered the final stage. The day when the final suspense of the 12-player list will be solved may soon come.