Efficient! King only 6 hits 17 points, 2 points, 2 buttons.

 Efficient! King only 6 hits 17 points, 2 points, 2 buttons.

GIF-Kings Standing Cap + Flying Body, Two Hands Button, One Attack, One Defense, Stop Opponents

Faced with Puerto Ricos short stature, the Chinese team with three heights of Yi Jianlian, Zhou Qi and Wang Zhelin has obvious interior advantage. Li Nans guidance also arranges for these three internal lines to take turns and maintain a high degree of advantage. After Wang Zhelin came on as a substitute, the effect of his partner with Zhou Qi was also very good. In the last two minutes of the first quarter, Zhou Qi missed a single-handed shot. Wang Zhelin leaped high and filled the basket with both hands.

In the second quarter, with 8 minutes and 59 seconds remaining, the opponents players broke into the inside to challenge Wang Zhelin. The king who has a very obvious height advantage does not even need to take off, but just stands up and gives his opponents layup a raw hat.

Chinas offensive and defensive transition is very fast. Zhao Rui breaks through the basket with the ball, while Wang Zhelin follows up quickly. Zhao Rui did not hit the basket, Wang Zhelin jumped from behind and completed the double-handed button-up directly. The attack stopped Puerto Rico directly, and his teammates stood up to applaud Wang Zhelin. Zhou Qi, as an interior partner, laughed happily.

Faced with Puerto Ricos interior, Wang Zhelin also used his personal advantage to create lethality, helping the team build a leading edge through free throws. After half-match, the Chinese mens basketball team led Puerto Rico 44-35. Wang Zhelin scored 10 points as a half-time substitute and 28 points as a result of the combined efforts of the three Chinese teams.

In the third quarter, Puerto Rico reached a climax of counter-attack. Chinese team only got 10 points in the third quarter, Wang Zhelin did not have much chance to perform. Fortunately, Yi Jianlian helped the Chinese team stabilize the situation. In the fourth section, there are still 6 minutes and 41 seconds left. Wang Zhelin and Zhao Jiwei have completed their delicate cooperation. After the cooperation of the two men, Wang Zhelin cut into the inside line. Zhao Jiwei sent out an assistant, Wang Zhelin took off directly to complete the empty-handed double-clasp. China regained the upper hand in the final game. With Zhao Ruis final free throw hit, the Chinese team finally won by 78-72.

Source: Netease Sports Author: Salhu Responsible Editor: Qiao Yuanlei_NS1098