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Knowing how to complete the $434 million F-round financing: Baidu and Fast-Handed Joint Investment

Ali responded to the upcoming Independent Online Appointment Platform: Nothing

Previously, Forbes reported that Ali will launch a new online car registration platform separately, and first launched in Guangzhou. Ali responded: Nothing. [Link to the original

5G mobile phones are coming. 4G mobile phones have been sold for 1000 yuan.

Recently, the major sales platforms have set off a wave of price reduction for 4G mobile phones, which has a tendency to clean up inventory. According to the statistics of Tianmao Platform, there are more than 30 4G mobile phones on the platform to start price reduction recently. Among them, the price of Huaweis main model, P30Pro, dropped 500 yuan, while popular models such as millet 9, vivoX27, Note9, followed the pace, down by 100-400 yuan. In the following time, a happy annoyance is placed in front of the consumers who are ready to change their mobile phones. Is it now to buy a 4G mobile phone cheaply, or to start a new 5G mobile phone? [Link to the original

Why does the Central Disciplinary Commission rarely name Baidu, millet, drip and so on?

On August 11, the official website of the State Supervisory Commission of the Central Discipline Commission released a video, which mentioned Baidu, millet, Ali, Jingdong, Mei Tuan, 360, Droplet and other companies. This is called Internet companies high-profile anti-corruption, is it crisis public relations or curing poison by scraping bones? u300b Video, the key word is anti-corruption. It is noteworthy that the attitude of Internet companies towards internal corruption has changed from the usual internal digestion to active exposure, according to the State Supervisory Committee of the Central Discipline Commission. Facts have proved that the healthy social environment promotes economic development, and corruption will only ruin the future of enterprise development. [Link to the original

HSBCs two top Executivesresignation response: no connection with Huawei incident

Following the resignation of HSBC Group Chief Executive Fan Ning, according to Hong Kong media, Huang Bijuan, HSBC Banks Chief Executive in Greater China, has resigned recently. In response to this news, today evening, a spokesman for HSBC confirmed to the Beijing News that Huang Bijuan, general manager of the Group and chief executive of Greater China, had decided to leave office to seek other opportunities for development. In addition, the above-mentioned people also stressed that Fanning and Huang Bijuans departure had nothing to do with the Huawei incident. [Link to the original

2018 U.S. Patent Office List: Huawei and Beijing Oriental Top 20

According to foreign media reports, based on data released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the American Association of Intellectual Property Owners (IPO) recently released a list of the top 300 U.S. utility model patent granting agencies in 2018. IBM was ranked No. 19 again, while Huawei Technologies Inc, an American subsidiary, was ranked No. 101, and Beijing Oriental was ranked No. 20. [Link to the original

Hammer Technology Product Manager confirms that the new machine has come out

On August 12, Zhu Haizhou, Hammer Technologies Product Manager, suddenly disclosed the latest developments of Hammers new machine on his personal micro-blog, which caught people off guard. Zhu Haizhou said that the new plane had come out because it was kept confidential or for other reasons in the company. At present, it is not allowed to take it out of the company. He said that one of the driving forces for urging me to work every day is to meet Dabao again after a long separation. [Link to the original

Teslas car exploded twice after it crashed on the Russian highway and caught fire

According to foreign media TechCrunch, a Tesla electric car crashed on a highway near Moscow on the evening of 11 local time, then caught fire and exploded twice. Fortunately, the car was only slightly injured, but the car was scrapped. Its not clear what type of car it is, but it could be ModelS or Model3. [Link to the original

Extranet: Yiga will launch its TV in September, from 43 inches to 75 inches.

According to Mysmartprice, Yiga is trying to enter the field of smart TV. Mysmartprice said the exclusive news showed that Icago will launch a series of one-on-one televisions on September 26, which is locked between September 25 and 30, but people familiar with the matter said it will launch on September 26. [Link to the original

How much is the annual salary of NASA astronauts? Former astronauts: up to $150,000

According to Russian Satellite Network, Scott Kelly, a former NASA astronaut who has completed a one-year mission on the International Space Station, said the highest salary for NASA astronauts is about $155,000 a year. [Link to the original