How does the leader reply to his hard work tweet? Use these three little words to make you look up.

 How does the leader reply to his hard work tweet? Use these three little words to make you look up.

Leaders say hard work to you, and many people will subconsciously respond in a straight line logic. Some people think that this is a kind of polite talk from leaders, so we should return it modestly and politely - no hard work. Leaders care about your hard work, no hard work, whether it is polite or genuine concern, want to show that he lets you know that he cares about you. The correct logic of response is not the logic of dialogue, but the logic of responding to Leadersconcerns. You answered, No hard work. Are you saying, Leaders are blind and blind? You reply, Hard work is hard, but this is what I should do. Are you asking the leaders for credit? Correct response logic, etc. after analysis, see the summary at the end of the article.

[2] In principle, dont joke with leaders.

Some people like to joke and give a lot of joke responses. For example, if the leader is a small leader, he can reply, The leader asks us to string together and reward us for our hard work. Leadership is a middle-level person who can reply, Leadership is harder. Leadership is a big leader, which can respond to serving rm. Walking in the workplace, the leaders mind, you do not guess, guess also can not guess. Dont think youre kidding. Flattery may also hit the horses hoof. Even if you are familiar with the leader, dont reply with hippy smiling face. Its very likely that you will get a nasty bump.

[3] Be good at praising the team for their own benefit.

You complete a task, send a message to the leader to report it, and the leader replies hard work. Ordinary people respond directly and politely, Thats what I should do. When the leader looks at your response, he thinks you are too small. In the modern workplace, most of the work is team work. The leader sent you a message, already know you worked hard. Where is your pattern? Smart subordinates, take the opportunity to praise their superiors and teams, Thank you for your leadership affirmation. Last night, the supervisor led the team to work overtime for one night, and finally I finished the draft. I will certainly convey the leaderships condolences to the team. Such a reply will immediately elevate your pattern and realm to three levels. If you move forward or backward, you can not only convey the concern of the leader to the team, but also hint that the leader has the opportunity to praise the team and kill three birds with one stone.

To sum up, leaders often know little about people. Therefore, smart workers will grasp every detail and show their mature and steady image. Leaders are naturally attracted to employees who pay attention to details, attitudes and logic. Back to the logic of the beginning, the leader sent a message to comfort you with hard work. The logic of the leader is to let you know that he cares about you. So, your response logic also lets the leader know that you appreciate it. So, reply Thank you for your concern. The best answer is to eat fresh all over the world and say nothing.