Talk to the leader in private, talk three times, dont say these three words, the consequences are very serious.

 Talk to the leader in private, talk three times, dont say these three words, the consequences are very serious.

Xiao Zhang is usually very close to the leadership, which seems to have no eye for price. Suddenly, a sentence came, My classmates company, welfare is called Gaoda Shang. It is said that hairy crabs will be hairy in the Mid-Autumn Festival this year. The leaders mouth just rose and his face turned clear and cloudy.

Xiao Lin, a colleague beside him, had an eye on it and immediately retorted, The company sent a hairy crab, which does not mean anything. Our companys welfare benefits are sustainable, and the comprehensive price ratio is much higher. Dont compare with other peoples small favors once in a while. Seeing the leaders face turn cloudy and clear.

Every leader has a Naju hidden in his heart, and a political feeling. Good leaders always want to benefit one side and work for the welfare, practical and good things of their own team. This is the glory of leaders.

Xiao Zhang said that the welfare of others is better than that of his own family. Although he spoke freely, in the view of the leaders, this is the eyedrops for the leaders. Since then, the leadership has become evidently indifferent to Xiao Zhang, and has begun to attach importance to Xiao Lin, recognizing that Xiao Lin has a general outlook and can be entrusted with important tasks.

Dont say anything selfish, but say more if it has the overall interests.

Sun Quan left Lu Su after the meeting was over. Lu Su told Sun Quan privately that these literary ministers advocated the fall of Cao, thinking only of their own interests. After surrender, they can continue to be officials, only the protagonist you may be killed.

A word choked for a week. Xiao Zhou relied on his leadership to trust himself and said with a fit of pique, The owner of the family gives the project team 2000 subsidies a month. They are motivated. Leaders face is blue, thinking: objective reasons, everyone is the same, slow progress obstacles are subjective reasons, the core of subjective reasons is Xiaozhous personal selfishness.

Xiao Liu of the project team hastened to add, I think the opponents are advancing fast, not only because of subsidies, I heard that they have finalized director Wang of the Street Office. I suggest that the leaders can lead a team to visit the Street Office to solve a problem for a person, which is conducive to the overall promotion of the project.

Sometimes, when the subordinates chat with the leaders, because they are relaxed, they are easy to talk out and expose their inner Xiaojiu. This is a major workplace taboo. Just as Zhang Zhaos persuasion to surrender is selfish, Xiao Zhous complaints are selfish, and the leaders can see through a single sentence. Xiao Lius speech can proceed from the overall interests and be appreciated by the leaders.

[3] Splendid nonsense is not spoken, but sincere loyalty is spoken more.

Walking in the workplace, did you find that the more public the occasion, the more people say flattering words, why did not leaders turn their faces on the spot? Because leaders need to create an atmosphere and rules in which subordinates obey and respect their superiors. Since ancient times, some ceremonies have been held in the officialdom for the purpose of maintaining and consolidating the culture of workplace rules.

When leaders and subordinates talk in a small range, there is no need to say something indiscriminate, because leaders dont need it. Speaking numb words in public is the need to create a workplace atmosphere, but also to enhance a sense of ritual, small areas are relaxed mood chat, leaders are more willing to return to nature, dont hold it tightly, too numb Words listen uncomfortable.

In the afternoon, the leaders held a meeting and chatted with several subordinates over beer. Xiao Zhao felt embarrassed to flatter people in the afternoon. He took the opportunity to make up for the lesson, put honey on his mouth, and said a series of numb words with wine cups. What leaders made wise decisions in the afternoon, and what ideas were lofty. The leader looked unhappy and took a perfunctory sip of wine.

Xiao Guo held up his wine cup and said frankly to the leader, I think the mobilization in the afternoon is too high in tone. In fact, many employees are not ready for understanding. In the next step, in order to reduce the tone, we should focus on implementation. The leader had a full glass of wine with Xiaoguo.

Xiao Zhao despised Xiao Guo in his heart: In the afternoon, when you were in the meeting, you were singing praises and praises, and promising to make a statement. Xiao Zhao had a sweet mouth and changed his face after drinking in the evening. Xiao Guo despised Xiao Zhao in his heart: he dared not make a statement at the afternoon meeting, and only drinks in a small range in the evening did he speak nonsense. Who is right and who is wrong? Leaders have an account in mind.

The leader despised Xiao Zhao and consciously alienated him from then on. On the contrary, he preferred Xiao Guo more and more. In the sense of leadership, Xiao Zhao was ashamed to flatter and express his attitude, but he was worried that his colleagues would flatter him and make up for his lessons in a small scale. In fact, he wanted to please the leaders. Those who wanted to flatter on both sides could not please anyone. Privately speaking, its gaudy and not practical. Whats the gross use?

Xiao Guo dares to slap the horse in public, shows his position, supports the leadership and is not afraid of colleaguesridicule. Privately speaking, instead of flattery, it is really good for leaders to put forward honest and pertinent suggestions. Such subordinates are worth reusing.