May your life be full of flowers

 May your life be full of flowers

Time has never been thick or thin. Life is an accumulation. If you try to store warmth and happiness, your life will be bright and sunny. If you store too much cold and bitterness, your life will be cloudy. Please abandon your worries and melancholy and start with the most beautiful smile. There is a way under your feet. There is hope ahead. There is also bright sunshine in your heart.

In this world, the most common people are those who fall the most frequently; the bravest people are those who can stand up every time they fall; the most successful people are those who can not only stand up every time they fall, but also stick to it!

Whatever you do, believe in yourself. Dont let setbacks defeat you, let alone be intimidated by a single mistake or failure. There is no right or wrong in life, only persistence after choice, no regret, go on. Walking along, flowers blossom; bitter, fruits bear; after sweat and blood, you reap!

Mans ability is limited, but his efforts are limitless. He should strive to be a kind person, an open-minded person, a positive person and a person who creates value. Stimulate yourself with the sunshine mentality, and also infect the friends around you. Your sunshine, the world will be wonderful because of you!

Life is always frustrated, there are always misfortunes, to learn to be strong in the rough, grow up in adversity, perhaps the road ahead is full of thorns, we have to be brave with a calm heart forward, all difficulties will be stepped on your feet. Although the road is tortuous, the future is bright, to find the right goal, perseverance is victory!

If you want to get rid of the shadow of life, you always face the sunshine; if you want to get rid of ordinary life, you try to make yourself fly arrogantly; if you want to say goodbye to cowardice, you let your heart grow stronger slowly in experience.

People who live simply are apt to be happy; those who live too soberly are apt to be troubled. This is because, too sober people look too real, a more real, life will be many troubles; and the simpler people, less care, although living a simple rough, but it is for this reason to find the mystery of life!

When you are proud, you should be indifferent. When you are frustrated, you should be open. Whether you are successful or disappointed, dont forget yourself; whether you succeed or fail, dont sigh pessimistically. When you are satisfied with your ambition, you need to be indifferent and leave a way out for yourself; when you are disappointed and down, you need to be calm and find a way out for yourself.

Life is hard and painful. No matter how bitter it is, smile and let your heart learn to relax. No matter how painful it is, be strong and let your dreams be filled with sunshine. Only when you are tired, can you know how to be satisfied; only when you are tired, can you understand how difficult it is; only when you are defeated, can you realize success; only when you are wrong, can you know regret; only when you are bored, can you understand tolerance.

Life is like a days journey, there are always fresh mornings, there are always brilliant sunshine, there are always gorgeous dusk. Give yourself a free and easy, give yourself a calm, learn to say to yourself: life, no big deal, brave, strong, everything will pass!

No inferiority, no hyperactivity, calm mind; no contention, no noise, calm mind; no climbing, no comparison, calm heart; no anger, no voice, easy-going heart; no Ai, no complaint, calm heart. Life has its length; life has its joys and sorrows; life has its ups and downs.

Learn to wield your sleeves calmly and laugh warmly. Happiness is not about having more, but thinking less; optimism is not about not having no worries, but knowing contentment; life is not perfect, twists and turns are scenery, see, think through, all the worries and worries will escape without a trace!

Life, only through the cold and ice, through the wind, frost, snow and rain, can we welcome the bright spring, beautiful flowers. May you live a wonderful life!

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Shen Hong (nicknamed Yezi), a member of Xinjiang Corps, a news anchor and a director of the Chinese Reading Union, has won many awards in the Reading Contest.

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