Life is a process of awakening.

 Life is a process of awakening.

Some people used to boast a few words, always excited for several days, but now, a smile, only encouragement;

There used to be criticism, always sad, but now, know how to face, in order to be a better self;

In the past, some people used to ridicule and always find someone to reason with, but now, they will no longer punish themselves for other peoples mistakes.

In the past, I always wanted to have more. I tried my best to hold on to what I wanted. What I couldnt get would not be easily put down. As I grew older, I became more and more aware of letting go.

Slowly, I learned that the more you hold on to something, the faster it will run away. Its better to let nature take its course.

To learn to live wisely, the four seasons of life, how can it always be spring, a season has a season of taste, is the gift of the years.

Learn to tolerate each other with time, accept each other, cut down the complexity and simply run for their own preferences, indicating that the heart has become mature.

In the past, I always yearned for fresh clothes and angry horses, but now I understand that life is beyond liveliness. Whenever you want to leave a place in your heart for silence.

Start learning to slow down, so that slow down life is not urgent, a cup of warm tea, a leisure book, can also pass half a day.

Begin to learn to think, loneliness is the normal state of life, quiet water deep water is life, so as to examine themselves.

Let the inner become moist, let the soul become rich, maintain the inner tranquility and cleanliness, not humble, not overbearing, warm and beautiful, the beauty of the world comes from your gentle waiting for life.

When people reach a certain age, they will choose to be with those who make themselves happy and with those who are sunny, and there will be no darkness in their hearts, no narrowness in their hearts with those who are broad-minded, and few confusion in their hearts with those who are firm.

Gradually learn to stay away from those who affect the mood of people and things, began to learn to treat themselves, peaceful and warm life.

The vast sea of people, there will always be appreciation of the eyes, encourage you, there will always be someone to send charcoal in the snow, close to you, people live, the biggest cost is a good mentality, only the heart of the bright, in order to make their lives happy.

When people reach a certain age, they will really understand the meaning of happiness.

Sometimes, happiness is just the fragrance of a cup of tea, an ordinary meal, the arrival of a greeting, a lamp that lights up for you when you return late.

Beginning to learn to cut down on complexity and simplify, to seek truth from falsehood, more and more understand the importance of companionship, and three or two confidants walk hand in hand, warm dependence with relatives, those who have been around is the most precious.

When a person reaches a certain age, he will not feel that the suffering and pain life gives is a kind of obstruction, but a kind of sculpture of life for you.

Deeply understand that the most precious thing in life is not how much wealth you have, but whether you are happy, not how many people to accompany you, but whether someone understands you.

When people reach a certain age, they will live more clearly.

Start to learn to recycle, try to live as much as you want, start to learn to take care of their own heart, no longer be influenced by the words and deeds of others.

More simple years of simplicity, maturity after vicissitudes of life, and calmness of honor and disgrace.

Sanmao said: I am too young to be serious. When I understand it, I can only choose to grow old seriously.

So, learn to be gentle and compassionate in the twilight of time, on the long and far-reaching road, to retain the original self.

When people reach a certain age, they will no longer lament the mercilessness of time. After all, years have not spared me, nor have I spared years, seriously alive, graceful old, live to their own good-looking, others can take you as a landscape.


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