A man with a deep city hall, these six points are terrible!

 A man with a deep city hall, these six points are terrible!

People with deep city mansions will not easily show their minds. He has deep motives, selfishness, and will not easily show traces and motives to do anything, but he may sell you at any time, put you in a disadvantageous situation, let you shout fool, but regret endlessly, helpless. Generally speaking, people with deep city government have six kinds of imperceptible behavior:

He laughs at people like you and never easily shows his resentment towards others.

You dont notice that he has any bad feelings about you.

Hell remember you bitterly.

Even sad, he can face others with a smiling face.

If anyone offends him, he will remember deeply, bury deeply, leave no sign, and wait for a special occasion.

When he secretly reckons against you, you will die miserably, but do not know that he did it, and laugh with him, thank you. He will stare at others secretly.

In the crowd, though he was smiling and kind-looking, no one could feel that there was a conspiracy in him.

But it is precisely in such silence that he is secretly following useful goals, and collecting information in advance for some time in the future without leaving traces, which is terribly insidious.

He will practice his internal skills quietly.

This kind of person is not a mad dog, and will not bite people indiscriminately.

Instead, he chose to practice his internal skills quietly and make his strength strong. When he had enough strength to win at one stroke, he hit the ground with a thunderbolt, killing people to death, which was terrible.

_He will be ruthless underground Mafia city deep people, the usual method is to lay a mafia.

When the black hand is laid, it is not only very cruel, but also very cloudy, so cloudy that no one can find it, no one can detect it. This is precisely in line with the deep nature of the people.

The starting point of his life is Yin, danger, darkness and illumination, and he uses wisdom to make every effort to leave no trace. This kind of person is really the most terrible.

He will faintly pretend to be okay.

People in deep city hall, on the one hand, secretly engage in actions, ruthlessly underground black hands, on the other hand, they can faintly pretend to be okay, calm in talking and laughing.

On the one hand, the scene of the victim was hot and painful; on the other hand, the scene of the victim walking in the courtyard, boiling wine and drinking tea.

Therefore, at the first moment, no one would ever think that the disaster would be related to him. This kind of person is most sinister and terrible.

From this point of view, people with deep city government are not only terrible, but also devoted to stratagem. If they are used in life to deal with ordinary people, it is really abhorrent.

But in the commercial tide, acting as a spy, or in the battlefield, conspiring in military tactics, or other similar occasions, to overcome the enemy, it is doomed to become a generation of rapists or heroes.


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