Magic Sports Show Isolated Island Pioneer X Watermelon Video 100,000 cash waiting for you to pick up

 Magic Sports Show Isolated Island Pioneer X Watermelon Video 100,000 cash waiting for you to pick up

Pioneer of Isolated Island & Watermelon Video Collection Activity

You can use subtle operation to convince the audience, you can also use humorous words to amuse everyone, you can also design the plot according to the game, bring or thrilling or funny interpretation, completely release your creative thinking, in the magic of the New World to enjoy! The contestants will bring the players a lively battle and an enjoyable bridge section, while receiving some praise and attention, they will also win the generous feedback from Pioneer of Isolated Island and watermelon videos for you! ____________

This video solicitation activity includes first prize 1, second prize 5, third prize 10 and participation prize 50. The standard of award evaluation is the playback quantity and content quality of a single video. As long as you can win enough audiences favor, you can get the prize in your pocket! The author who wins the prize will win 500 yuan, the author who wins the third prize will win 2000 yuan, the author who wins the second prize will win 5000 yuan, and the winner of the first prize will bring home 10000 yuan.

Enjoyment of sport is limitless

Isolated Island Pioneer is Neteases first magic multi-hero tactical competitive hand-tour. On the basis of continuing the core tactical competitive hand-tour method, it innovatively adds some special playing methods such as carry-on, secret treasure system, hall prayer, dragon revival and so on. It completely overturns the playersrecognition of tactical competitive games and creates a brand-new one. Game experience!

Heroes Gathering, Burning Sports

Isolated Island Vanguard currently has six heroes for players to choose, including Knight errant, engineer, night devil, shadow dancer, seven seas hegemony and bounty hunter. Each hero has unique exclusive weapons and powerful fighting skills. The ever-changing fighting methods will continue to bring you fresh game fun.

Heroic Fighting, Variable Skills

In the game, the personal mount system will give you a free ride, in the vast magic of the new continent, you can shuttle as you like, looking for resources and enemies; secret treasure system helps you to create the most personalized heroes, more than 20 unique properties of secret treasures, your choice of secret treasures will directly determine the strength of the hero; Bring you precious props such as full recovery potions, exclusive weapons, etc. Want to get precious prayer opportunities? Then rush to the temple and defeat other opponents; the multiple elimination mechanism gives players the possibility of half-blood or whole-blood resurrection, up to three resurrection opportunities per game. Reversing against the wind is not a dream, and continue to fight after resurrection!

Holy Church System Prayer Gets Equipped

Neteases first magic multi-hero tactical athlete tour Isolated Island Pioneer new information film platform public test shocks open, hand in hand watermelon video hosted by the video solicitation activities have been synchronized online, immediately logged in the game, recorded wonderful fragments, produced exquisite videos, uploaded to the headline number of backstage, divide 100,000 yuan prize!

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On The Pioneer of Isolated Islands:

Isolated Island Pioneer is the first multi-hero magic tactics and competitive game. Six starting heroes have free matching skills, invisibility, advance, control and injury are omnipotent! __________. New magic world, multi-ethnic terrain and vegetation; rich weapons, Temple prayer system, to help you fully open fire; with a dinosaur mount, a key call at any time to pursue. No longer fall into boxes, death incarnates Xiao Menglong, persistence can resurrect in situ! Devil fun, nervous excitement and surprise!