T-ara Xiaomin Tears about Bullying Incident and thanks for the help of teenage girls

 T-ara Xiaomin Tears about Bullying Incident and thanks for the help of teenage girls

Netease Entertainment reported on August 12 that T-ara, once a representative of the Korean womens group of two generations, had declined due to the bullying incident, although some people voiced doubts about the authenticity of the alleged bullying rumors after the incident, and some cosmeticians who had cooperated with T-ara picked out to support T-ara, saying that there was no such thing at all. Bullying, but it is difficult to restore popularity, and eventually the members of the League have not renewed their contracts after each find their owners, it is difficult to fit again, which is quite regrettable.

Recently, Xiao Min went to Radio Star to talk about the storm in that year and shed tears again. She said that the incident was getting worse and worse. She felt that the elders and elders who greeted each other in the past would avoid them and almost cut off the interpersonal relationship in the Performing Arts circle. Sometimes they took pictures together and were afraid that sharing social networking sites would cause each other to lose their cause. This is under attack. Xiao Min revealed that in her teenage years, she was fearless of the surroundings and still took good care of them. She would help them and chat with them in the dormitory, which made her very grateful. She recalled that at the time of the performance, she had also experienced that the audience turned around and did not look at them, which was very sad. However, she also said that she would work harder to live, and revealed that some members are preparing albums, others are shooting new developments such as drama, hoping that everyone can be smooth and profitable.

Netizens who saw Xiaomins tearful confession were very distressed, saying, Justice comes too late, I will love you forever. Its a pity Tara and Thank you very much for your friendship during the teenage years.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952