Seven lowest chat-up styles for boys in girlseyes

 Seven lowest chat-up styles for boys in girlseyes

Today, lets talk about the seven lowest chat-up ways for boys in girlseyes

1 checking household registration

As soon as I made friends and talked a few words, I began to ask each other about their family interests and hobbies, drooling like a paparazzi more than tea, and I felt good about myself. I didnt have any B in my heart.

Girls most taboo the way men talk nonsense. Who would want to fall in love with a fly?

Just listen to you 100,000 why? It has exhausted all her interests.

Male cancer type 2

A boy with high EQ will greet all kinds of greetings politely and greet each other with friends. Talking about the weather is like spring breeze. Its as refreshing as eating ice cream in hot summer.

And these straight male cancers, one sentence can kill the day, two sentences make you want to hit people, but three sentences want to pull the blacklist, after deleting each other, kill no friends.

Its also interesting to judge a girls friends pictures that are not good-looking. Its also interesting to blame others for their lack of vision when they cant find the object.

Girls cant stand boys who have low EQ and have to talk. No one will treat you as mute if you dont talk.

3 Marlboro Male Style

My mother said that people in their twenties and thirties have no ability to take care of themselves at all. Its the same as choosing a nanny.

You should listen to your mothers words at home before weaning, not come out to frighten the girlsgood mood. Dont these mammoth men count in their hearts?

4 indecent silk style

Just add a friend soon, let the girl burst open the video, as if she had never seen a woman, across the screen can feel your mouth water.

Seeing a girl friend circle out a back-bared photo, I kept saying that it looked good and wished to ask the girl to come out to meet.

When girls ignore you, they are entangled and attacked by all kinds of vulgar language, rubbing their characters on the ground.

5 hegemonic presidential style

Brain disabled dramas brush more, was tyrannical president attached, mouth closed are women, you are playing with fire. Stop working, Ill support you.

Do you think women all over the world are so material? Will you be short of these stinky money? Please, girls are financially independent and can buy everything by themselves.

Not to mention, your bank card deposit is only a few digits, a Bugatti can not afford to buy, but also install any big guys, not afraid to laugh big teeth, interesting.

Chat Basic Rule 1: Attitude should be correct, tone should be calm, remember to pretend to be slapped in the face, talk more than the brain.

6. Preface does not follow suffix

The most frightening thing about chatting is that you havent thought about anything well and let me put everything off and listen to you. Wasting time is making money and killing people. Do you understand?

Whats more, its the kind of greeting thats invisible and particularly annoying. Are you trying to find out that Im still alive? Or is it teasing my patience?

If you really cant chat, will you disappear automatically? You are very busy, but I am very busy. Thank you.

7 Climbing Formula

This is generally reflected in borrowing money and looking for help, you will find what seven aunts, eight aunts, three uncles and seven unclesrelatives and friends come to say hello to you.

Also, when introducing you to someone, your neighbors colleagues, friends and children will also arrange for you. A friend is Im your son of xx, I heard youre single, and Im also short of an object, try it!

Usually, if you cant get married, you will find that you have a lot of acquaintances.

When you advertise, people on the Wechat List who lie down and dive as soon as they have friends will keep chatting with you.

Theres something to say at the end.

In fact, every girl is an angel fairy, no matter who will lose his temper, angry more quickly aging, the most thankful is that we girls themselves well!

Pay attention to me, learn more love skills, make yourself better and more attractive, good night and good dream!


Dont talk too much nonsense, please speed.

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