People who used to sleep in the same bed cant even see the circle of friends.

 People who used to sleep in the same bed cant even see the circle of friends.

Zhang Haochen also mentioned in Im only one person short of the world you: I dont know what is lovelorn, I know it when I experience it. I dont know what it means to be far away, but I will know it when I arrive.

Do not know what is true love, when true love comes, there will be sunny day, looking at the person in front of you, want to be with him all the time!

Love is a mixture of sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty and old flavors. Sweet as honey, sour as lemon, bitter as Chinese medicine, hot as pepper, salty as salt.

Most people who are in love have never thought about the day when a couple will change their way. They are full of scenes about how to treat dogs in a fancy way and how to be happy and loving. But even in comedy movies, there are more or less tragic elements.

I am no exception. Since the day of the relationship, I have never thought of separating from him. I even agreed to get married together in 2020, and then have two lovely babies, a family of four.

Even the childs name, I secretly think about, the boy is called Yijun, the girl is called Yiling, the boy is as handsome and handsome as him, the girl had better be as smart and lovely as me.

My girlfriend laughs at me for being silly: its too hasty to think about all the childrens affairs when you get married.

But Im the kind of girl who thinks that when he falls in love, he thinks hes interesting to me as soon as he gives me information. He fills in a lot of pictures and even plans the scene of marriage proposal.

The innocent smile of your man and beast is like seducing me to approach you. I am hopelessly trapped in the swamp of love, unable to extricate myself, unable to extricate myself, and finally drowned.


Blame you for being too beautiful. When you leave, the island has no seasons, the blue whale has disappeared, the elk has disappeared, and I am the only one who lingers and sobs for miles around.

Clearly, there is still your residual temperature in the air, but when I wake up, there is no trace of you. I look around, and I dont find your shadow.

The pictures hanging on the wall are still so clear, but the person who took the picture with me is already not around. There is an impulse to cry but not to cry. Tears are rolling around in the eyes, but they refuse to cut their cheeks.

Yesterday I talked and laughed from poems and songs to entertainment gossip, but today I cant see your circle of friends anymore. Honey, this joke is not funny at all. Would you stop teasing me?

In fact, we are like hedgehogs, but hedgehogs are the most unsuitable animals for love. I brutally pulled out the sharp thorns on my body one by one, and the last bloodstain came near you, but you erected heavy arms against me, pierced my skin, pierced my heart, and almost suffocated.

Fantasy of me, bitterly begging you to put aside the sharp thorns, to give me a warm embrace, but you are not moved, still indifferent, blind to me.

In fact, every day, people meet in the street, in the bar, in the library, but there are also a group of people in the Wechat break up.

Feelings fade, and even face-to-face goodbye feel redundant; cruel people, head forward without turning back, soft-hearted people, put down their dignity to retain.

There are many people who can write stories, few who can persist in writing for ten years, and many people who are in love, but few who can persist in the unchanging heart to the end of the world.

In the past, I always thought that only milk chocolate would have a shelf life, but neglected that love also has a shelf life. Once I dont love, all previous efforts will be put to waste, from top concern to pedestrians A, B and C.


Hundreds of my circles of friends are sent to you to see, but your circle of friends I can only see three days of dynamic, even a little praise can not start, you finally deleted me, very good.

I thought that when I appeared, you were just apart, and I had a chance to enter your heart, but before I set up camp, I was banged out, like an abandoned stray cat, moaning helplessly in the street.

Happiness is so close and so far away that you can see vague silhouettes, but you cant touch them. Fate always jokes, gives hope and gives disappointment.

I love you as life, but you abuse me thousands of times, feelings of this thing, indeed, who is serious first who lost, thanks to your blessing, I was defeated, lost everything.

For you to grow long black hair, yesterday a cruel heart were cut, looking at a hair, like a broken heart, suddenly feel foolish.

Think of a folk singer once said: the simplest love is, even if you refuse me, I will never complain about you. But I wont get any closer.

If you ask me, I will still do my best. From now on, Ill hide my love and stop flaunting. Ill try my best to live well. I hope you will too.

But I cant do it. To be fucking strong, Lao Tzu is not a hero, nor has he learned not to be harmful. When I feel sad, I will cry, and when I feel sad, I will feel sad.

Your circle of friends can no longer be seen, your heart can not go in, but my door you still have the key, it is ironic, artificial, naughty love God, dementia, let us meet but can not be together.

Honey, the last time I called you that. In the future, I will not ask you such childish questions, nor will I spare no reservations about you. I will live the rest of my life with the only dignity. Goodbye, never again.

Finally, I want to pay attention to my dogs.

All harvest sweet love!

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