How to judge whether it is necessary to save an ex-boyfriend?

 How to judge whether it is necessary to save an ex-boyfriend?

I told her the story of Little Prince. The king who visited the first planet was a man who liked to give orders. He said to the little prince, Its much harder to judge himself than to judge others.

If you can judge yourself well, you are a truly intelligent person. How to judge whether it is necessary to save an ex-boyfriend, it has a comprehensive answer, we should not only look at the heart of ourselves, but also look at the attitude of the ex-boyfriend. For the problem of worthlessness, the parties should have a standard of measurement in mind.

Is it rooted in love?

Many couples end up breaking up because of some minor contradictions that have not been solved in time, which is the most unfortunate situation. Because, when we think back after breaking up, those little contradictions are just skin deep.

As long as two people calm down to talk, misunderstanding opportunities to resolve in time, complaints will disappear immediately, nothing serious, will never break up. Compromise, concession, apology and weakness are not burdens or embarrassments in front of our loved ones, but reflections of love.

Because of love, we will tolerate each others shortcomings; because of love, we can go through fire and water for each other; because of love, we are willing to live an ordinary but not defeated life; because of love, we hope that we can love each other more, pay more, as long as we can make the lover happy;

Because of love, we will not give up easily. Good-will salvation is better than decadent exit to show our pursuit. If I love him and feel more in love with him after breaking up, then dare to save, do not leave regrets.

Do you have your own deliberations?

When his heart has no place for you, and your love is just like the castle in the sky, also like a lonely palm, destined to be lonely in the future. Perhaps he is a good man, willing to accept you again, but out of sympathy and compassion, he is hindered by the face not too much.

But for you, this kind of salvation is meaningless. The love of alms lacks nutrition, and it cant nourish your hungry heart. Your deliberation should touch upon his character and accomplishment, and need to examine his attitude and emotional inclination towards you.

When we judge whether it is necessary to save our ex-boyfriend, we should first understand whether there is still love between us. Your attachment to him is as important as his thoughts about you.

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